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10 Essential Non-Recruitment Related Blogs All Recruiters Should Follow.

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10 Essential Non-Recruitment Related Blogs All Recruiters Should Follow

There are so many recruitment blogs (you are reading one of them) available to the recruitment professional.

However, sticking to these blogs only is like having your blinkers on. As you will miss so many other relevant tips on marketing, leadership, etc.

Staying on top of industry trends is practically a requirement nowadays in a field that’s so technically driven.  It’s important to think outside of your sphere and be on top of all other verticals so you can do your best work.

That’s why this diverse list of non recruitment blogs might prove extremely beneficial to you. Helping you master the dozens of things that go alongside recruiting that most recruitment blogs never touch on.  

These are the general topics in each blog for quick reference:

#1 – Duct Tape Marketing.

Regardless of the niche or industry you are working in, marketing is a big part of your job as a recruiter.

From keyword research and basic SEO to get your listings found to step-by-step guides about building the most effective social ad campaigns. This blog will be helpful for any recruiter.

#2 – The Buffer Blog.

The Buffer app is already very well-known as a super handy automation tool for your social media marketing. But their blog is perhaps even more useful to recruiters.

Whether it’s helping you optimize the size of your images for different platforms or digging into statistics and psychological marketing facts. This blog is bound to be a go-to reference. 

#3 – Spin Sucks.

While this blog has lots of tidbits of relevant info for recruiters spread throughout. The main parts to focus on include the marketing, SEO, and Public Relations sections that will help you with your recruiting strategies.

It’s devoted to industry professionals who are looking to advance in their career. But the tutorials and information are shared in a very easy-to-digest form.

#4 – Social Media Examiner.

On this list, the Social Media Examiner might be one of the best examples of not judging a book by its cover.

Although the design may leave some things to desire, the information offered is some of the most helpful around.

This is for any recruiter who digs into social recruiting or social media use of any kind (which is certainly every recruiter out there).

#5 – The Daily Carnage.

This is a daily newsletter/blog that curates content from all over the web. While not every daily post is going to fit your interests as a recruiter.

The quality of the content is topnotch and you’re bound to find some interesting reads if you check back often.

#6 – Saleshacker Library.

“Library” is not a term used lightly here. Saleshacker has truly established a one-stop reference for everything related to sales. Which is a critical mindset and activity for every recruiter out there.

As a recruiter or headhunter, you’ll like many of the articles from “Quit Preaching — 6 Ways To Actually Be Human In Sales”. Too content focused on software, relationship management, and more.

#7 – Lea McLeod.

Everyone needs a dose of inspiration now and then, and Lea McLeod’s blog is the place to get it. With more than 30 years of professional experience.

Lea uses her blog to mix professional development advice with tips about staying positive, enjoying your work, and handling difficult situations in life. Without letting them throw you off your game.

#8 – Penelope Trunk.

Providing “advice at the intersection of work and life,” the Penelope Trunk blog is worth a read.

Check it out to get Penelope’s interesting point-of-view on the topics of self-education, productivity, and countless other subjects (along with a side of whimsy).

That will come in handy to any recruiter or headhunter.

#9 – Ambition.

Ambition is worth the read for its amazing creativity. If you ever had trouble thinking outside the box with your day-to-day work. This blog is sure to help you find a way to.

The information about sales is very business focused. But the techniques and approaches can be adapted to fit your work.

#10 – Copy Hackers.

Writing copy that converts is a big part of your job as a recruiter, and that’s why the Copy Hackers blog is number one on this list.

As a recruiter, this blog’s information will help you recruit more effectively. Whether you’re creating a public ad or reaching out to candidates individually.

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