11 Things To Do On Your First Day At A New Job

Your first day at a new job can be stressful, but it’s that first day on the job that will be telling of what’s to come.

Knowing how to prepare for your first day of work is vital to your future success at any business, whether you plan to stay there a few years or perhaps for the rest of your career. On your first day, here are 11 things you should do.

#1 Start A New Routine

Recruiterly Blog Image - 11 Things To Do On Your First Day At A New Job - #1 Start A New Routine

A new job always calls for a new routine. Even if you’re set to clock-in at the same time you always have, this new job is located in a new place with different traffic conditions along the way and a different parking situation once you get there.

Figure out your new wake up time and morning routine to get you ready for your first of many days at your new place of work.

You should also use this as an opportunity to start fresh. Were you in the habit of going in an hour early and skipping breakfast in your last position? Or perhaps you’ve always felt better with a morning run? This time around, start your day off right and make sure this routine is really going to improve your well-being and productivity.

#2 Dress Appropriately

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Most likely, you have already attended an on-site interview, so you should have a good idea of what the average worker wears in. Try to match their style and, when in doubt, consult your new employee handbook for the dress code.

These days, most offices are business casual. This doesn’t quite mean jeans in most situations, but it does mean you can skip the suit and tie for something a bit more comfortable.

#3 Arrive Early

During your first day at a new job, you are going to be introduced to a whirlwind of new people, places, and tasks. It can simple be overwhelming and leave you wondering what to do on your first day of work. Don’t worry: You’ll have plenty of things to fill your time.

You should show off your punctuality from day one by arriving early, but not too early. This will give you some extra time to take a breather as you enter your office for the first time and it may even give you some time to chat with your new co-workers by the coffee maker. 

#4 Accept All Invitations

While you may have a lot of things on your plate, you should try to get to know your co-workers from day one. Forming friendships and productive relationships with your colleagues is the best way to fit in at a new place of work and really enjoy the time you spend there.

Recruiterly Blog Image - 11 Things To Do On Your First Day At A New Job - #4 Accept All Invitations

Often, someone will invite you out to lunch, and you should most certainly say yes to that invitation. This allows you to start getting to know your co-workers on a more personal level right away, and many of them might decide to tag along. Some businesses will even set you up to have lunch with all of your co-workers during your first week, and your boss might come along too.

#5 Set Three Goals for Yourself

From day one, you should already be looking for ways that you can progress in your role. Make an effort to set three goals for your new job. During your job search, you suddenly refreshed your memory about all the things you love doing, all the things you’re good at doing, and all the things you aren’t that used to.

Figure out three things you want to achieve in your new job. Do you want to build a particular skill set? Do you want to bring something new to the table for this business? Do you want to own a certain project and make sure it succeeds? Set some goals that will immerse you in this position from day one.

#6 Embrace The Change

A new job brings with it a lot of change. Embrace it! While humans naturally are opposed to change, you need to find ways to feel good about the changes that are taking place. Think about all the good things that are to come and force yourself to stay in a positive mindset, even if this job change wasn’t something you particularly wanted.

#7 Loosen Up

Many new employees feel themselves having to squeeze into a mold of what they think their employer or co-workers want them to be. Just be yourself! You were hired because of who you are, so let loose and open up.

#8 Jump Right In

You should not hesitate to go ahead and start acting like a full-time employee, because that’s exactly what you are. Go into the break room and refill the coffee maker; sit down and have a snack when you have some free time; go around and chatter with your colleagues.

The sooner you begin acting like a confident, integrated worker, the sooner you’ll feel like one.

#9 Keep Things Balanced

Many new employees end up overloading themselves during their first few weeks on the job because they may feel like they have something to prove or they just want to show that they are a responsible, hard worker who takes initiative. That’s great, but be careful about setting the bar too high at an unreasonable level.

This is along the same lines of the above tip: Arrive early, but not too early! Don’t stretch yourself too thin by tipping the scale early on and end up turning overwork into an expectation. 

#10 Write A Thank-You Email

At the end of your first day, find a few minutes to sit down and write a thank-you email to the staffing agency who got you this position. You may not be settled in yet, but this is a great opportunity to send them your gratitude for officially opening the doors to a new career.

80% of jobs are not posted online CandidateIt doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just let them know you appreciate their help and guidance.

#11 Go Home Happy

Your first day of work can definitely be taxing, but if you follow the first day of work advice given above, you can make your 1st day at your new job a whole lot easier on yourself. These first day at work tips will help you get through those first 8-10 hours in your new career and, hopefully, you’ll come back tomorrow feeling even better.


Go home and celebrate, your first day on the job is complete!

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