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21 Best Job Sites for Job Seekers

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21 Best Job Sites for Job Seekers

There are tons of job sites out there today, and they all claim to be the best jobs sites or the best place to help job hunters find the career match of their dreams. That said, not all job boards were created equal, and many simply can’t deliver on such lofty promises to their visitors and users.

That’s why we’ve decided to break down the 21 best job sites and help you find the most effective job site for your unique skill set, industry, and professional goals.

For those limited with time we have created this super easy to digest infographic so you can quickly review the 21 best job sites:

21 Best Job Sites for Job Seekers Infographic Image

Before we continue to reviewing each of the best job sites, let me explain the rating system we use above each job site:

Rating Key:

For each job site, we have added a quick visual summary so you can easily digest the pros and cons at a glance. Here’s what each factor means:

UX (user experience): Job seekers want their job sites to be visually inviting, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The lower the score, the worse the UX (low-scoring sites have issues like lots of pop-up ads or confusing navigation).

Search: For a job site to be great, it has to have effective search algorithms and the ability to filter through jobs. In other words, it has to show you the latest and greatest and let you search for what you want using specific keywords. The lower the score, the worse this functionality.

Speed: You want the search, application, and communication process to be fast, intuitive, and easy. This measures whether a specific job site can deliver just that.

Volume of Jobs: Does the job site have lots of high-quality jobs for the position or industry that you’re looking for? This rating will let you know.

Coverage: Does the site pull from other sources to try to capture and present every good opportunity out there? This rating will evaluate that.

Now let’s dive in:

1# Best Global Reach For All Industries:

Indeed Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Indeed is the most popular job posting site in the world, boasting a massive 200 million active monthly visitors and 2.5 million active monthly job listings. This sheer volume of resumes and positions can be a huge plus for job seekers looking to apply broadly or to get a sense of what the current job market looks like in their field. Other pluses? Indeed is free to join, mobile-compatible, and it provides users the option to set up automatic email alerts so that they never miss a relevant job opportunity.

Rating Image for Indeed Best Job Sites Review

The cons? It can be a bit of a surface-level tool – so if you’re really hoping to get a complete company profile or a networking aspect, you may be better off searching elsewhere.

  1. Best for Skilled Professionals in the U.S:

CareerBuilder Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

CareerBuilder a trusted U.S. job posting site that, for many, is considered to be the best job site for focused, skilled professionals. Why? Other sites – like Indeed or – are all-inclusive job sites, which means that they include things like contract positions, summer jobs, and even volunteer work.

Rating Image for CareerBuilder Best Job Sites Review

CareerBuilder, on the other hand, focuses more on serious positions and qualified, college-educated candidates, meaning that you’re more likely to find the right fit quickly and easily.

  1. Best for Tech Industry Positions:
CareerBuilder Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Looking specifically for a tech or engineering position? Check out Dice. The platform focuses specifically on STEM jobs, and its standout “career explorer” tool can help job seekers understand their value and their possible career trajectories, looking into things like projected salaries, their market value, and possible career paths.

Rating Image for Dice Best Job Sites Review

So if you’re a qualified professional in these fields, it’s really the only way to go.

  1. Best For Searching Employee Reviews: 

Glassdoor Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

People today love to know what “real people” and actual employees think about a particular position or organization – and Glassdoor is one of the few job sites that lets you see just that.

It not only offers company reviews, employee ratings, and potential salaries but also provides the most complete company profiles of any job site out there, allowing job hunters to easily look at information like:

  • What percentage of employees would recommend the company to a friend
  • What the growth opportunities look like within a company
  • What the interview process was like, etc.
Rating Image for Glassdoor Best Job Sites Review

In short, it’s one of the most real job sites out there – and it even has charts, infographics, and pictures to help you understand a particular company at a glance.

  1. For Those That Want To Search Every Job Listing: 

Launching in 2017, Google For Jobs is a relatively new tool that’s available as part of the larger Google search engine. As such, it’s not a fully-formed job site like the other options on this list. Instead, it’s a quick and easy way to look at all of the publicly listed jobs that are available on Google.

Rating Image for Google Best Job Sites Review

This makes it particularly useful for new job seekers that don’t know where to start or that are trying to get a quick, comprehensive snapshot of exactly what’s out there today.

  1. Best For Volunteering and Non-Profit Jobs:


Idealist’s mission is to connect, “idealists – people who want to do good – with opportunities for action and collaboration.”

Rating Image for Idealist Best Job Sites Review

This focus makes it the best place for job seekers looking for internships, volunteer opportunities, or full-time positions within the non-profit sphere.

  1. Best Social Network for Professionals:

Linkedin Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

As a job board, LinkedIn is admittedly not the best option out there. That said, it’s a great place to network and start a dialogue with individuals or organizations that you may be interested in.

Rating Image for LinkedIn Best Job Sites Review

Specifically, you can reach out to people in a similar position to the one that you’re applying for and ask them about the interview process, company culture, or other job-specific details. Additionally, you can really develop your personal profile and engage in meaningful dialogue and interaction with potential employers – an option that’s simply not available on traditional job boards.

  1. Best to Connect Directly to Employer Career Pages: 

LinkUp Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

LinkUp works a little bit differently than other job sites, connecting job seekers with current job postings on company websites from around the country. This direct connection to company sites may seem simplistic, but it has a few perks: job seekers can find listings that may not be available on other job sites, there won’t be duplicate or out-of-date jobs, and there will likely be less competition overall.

LinkUp Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

This makes LinkUp a great choice for job hunters that have a specific company in mind or for those that are ready to make a more sophisticated search.

  1. Best for Global Reach in All Industries: 

Monster Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Established in 1999, Monster is really a pioneer in the job site industry, and it remains a great broad-spectrum search board today. The best part about Monster is its robust search tool: users can find jobs based on various filters like job category, location, company, keyword, or job title, and they can save their searches, access the app on mobile, or set up customized email alerts to stay on top of positions or industries that interest them.

Rating Image for Monster Best Job Sites Review

The cons? Many complain that Monster is more about quantity than quality, and that the user experience on the site is not the most intuitive option out there.

  1. Best for International Job Seekers: 

USJobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post focuses on – you guessed it – U.S.-based jobs and salaries, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a reputable, high-quality job in the United States.

Companies have to be members to post jobs, which means that users will have access to verified, unique positions from serious employers nationwide.

Rating Image for USJobs Best Job Sites Review

The site even offers in-person career events for those that want to add a face-to-face networking component to their job search.

  1. Awesome Search Function: 

Nexxt Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

One of the greatest things about Nexxt is the site’s search functionality: the platform allows you to search through various career sites and pick the one for you based on your particular needs and focus.

Rating Image for Nexxt Best Job Sites Review

Options include a career focus – where you can choose base on industry – a local focus, a diversity focus, and a global focus. This vast network can really help you hone in on your search and tailor your job seeking experience to a t.

  1. Best for Recent Graduates: 

College Recruiter Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

The job search is arguably most difficult for recent college graduates, who often gripe that their lack of real-world experience or skills bars them from getting considered for most job positions today. Well, CollegeRecruiter is the place for students and recent grads to overcome those obstacles and apply to companies that are looking specifically for them.

Rating Image for College Recruiter Best Job Sites Review

That said, it focuses primarily on entry-level positions or internships, which means that it may not be the place for you if you’re young but still looking for a mid-level position.

  1. Best Local Listings for Short Term Work: 

CraigsList Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

CraigsList doesn’t really have a reputation for being the most high-quality job site out there, but it’s still a big go-to for lots of businesses looking to fill a position right away.

Rating Image for Craigslist Best Job Sites Review

With that in mind, if you’re looking to find a local job ASAP – particularly a blue-collar or entry-level position – this may be a good place to start. Just prepare to be patient and to deal with a less-than-stellar UX.

  1. Exclusively for Government Jobs:

Government Jobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

GovernmentJobs aggregates thousands of government job openings in one place, making it the perfect site for applicants looking for positions in the government sector.

Rating Image for Government Jobs Best Job Sites Review

It offers lots of job categories, including 911 telecommunications, public health, and urban forestry, and it actually allows job seekers to go through the whole process – submitting applications, following up, and completing any necessary exams – right on the site, making it one of the most streamlined options in the industry out there.

  1. Most Advanced Search Features: 

SimplyHired Jobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Simply Hired is a really well-rounded, versatile job site. It connects to tons of other sites and job boards – including Indeed and company websites – which means that users will have lots of relevant results when they search for positions.

Rating Image for Simply Hired Best Job Sites Review

It also offers great, advanced search filters, letting users filter by things like title, skills, location, job type, relevance, or distance. Finally, when job seekers click “Apply,” it connects them directly to the company’s website, which cuts out the middleman and makes the whole process much more straightforward.

  1. Aimed at Jobs With Salaries Over 100K USD:

The Ladders Jobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

The Ladders focuses specifically on well-established people looking for high-paying positions in their industry – which means that, if you’re already at the top of your game or you’re looking to get there, it’s definitely the place for you.

Rating Image for Ladders Best Job Sites Review

At a glance, pros include that users can filter searches, save searches, access career advice, and create email alerts about relevant positions. The cons? You have to pay to apply for a job, and you’re not as guaranteed to make $100K right away (as the name may suggest).

  1. Best For Restaurant, Retail, and Hospitality Industries: 

SnagaJob Jobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Snag (formerly SnagAJob) is a job site focused specifically on hourly work in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries. It’s meant to be a one-stop shop for businesses to manage their hourly employees, providing mobile sourcing, hiring, training, schedule, and performance management tools all within the platform.

Rating Image for SnagaJob Snag Best Job Sites Review

So if you’re looking to find a local hourly job fast, this may be the site for you.

  1. Best Templates and Salary Calculator:

Live Career Jobs Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

If you want a site that will really hold your hand throughout the job seeking process and set you up for success, look no further than LiveCareer. The site:

  • Helps users build top-of-the-line resumes and cover letters
  • Prepares users for interviews with videos and sample questions
  • Allows users to calculate their potential salary
Rating Image for LiveCareer Best Job Sites Review

Then, it lets you apply for jobs directly through the LiveCareer platform. It really will help you feel like you’re prepared and set up for success.

  1. Best for Messaging Employers Directly: 

Facebook Job Search Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Job seekers can actually look for employment directly on Facebook through Facebook Jobs. While Facebook isn’t generally considered to be a “professional” platform, the reality is that Facebook Jobs is a fairly robust tool, allowing users to search for jobs based on location, job type, and industry. Plus, the application process is very straightforward and intuitive: when you apply, you can send a personalized message along with any professional information that’s public on your Facebook profile.

Rating Image for Facebook For Jobs Best Job Sites Review

From there, you can chat with the employer directly via Facebook Messenger. It’s a more lax process, to be sure, and one that will certainly appeal to those looking for a quick turnaround, transparency, and direct communication.

  1. Best Network for Start-Up Businesses: 

Angelist Job Search Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

AngelList summarizes its purpose well on its homepage: it provides a place for people to “apply privately to 96,886 startup jobs with one application. No middlemen. See salary and equity upfront.” This makes it the perfect job site for applicants looking to enter the fast-paced, high-energy world of startup businesses.

Rating Image for Angelist Angel List Best Job Sites Review

And with over 7 million monthly visits and 30,000 active monthly listings, it offers lots of options and variety.

  1. Best For Recruiters to Reach Out To You: 

Ziprecruiter Job Search Logo Image for Best Job Sites Blog Post

Founded in 2010, ZipRecruiter is fairly new on the scene, but it’s proven to be quite the robust job site, aggregating listings from more than 100 job boards. So what makes it a good choice for users today? Firstly, it’s flexibility: ZipRecruiter allows users to create one of the most complete profiles out there, uploading their resume and cover letter and editing their information as necessary. It also allows users to set alerts for up to 20 types of jobs so they can diversify their search.

Rating Image for Angelist ZipRecruiter Best Job Sites Review

Most interestingly, ZipRecruiter allows job seekers to opt into a database of active job seekers, through which they can be found and contacted by employers and recruiters. This flips the job site model on its head, allowing job seekers to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, rather than having to do all the heavy lifting themselves.

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