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21 Inspiring Instagram Jobs and Recruitment Related Profiles.

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21 Inspiring Instagram Jobs and Recruitment Related Profiles

Instagram’s growth really amazes me. Every time I search for an Instagram statistic I uncover numbers that blow my mind.

Not only for the general activity from the millions of daily users but the potential for careers, jobs and any recruitment businesses.

Here are 8 insane Instagram business-related statistics from Wordstream.

  • Did you know there are over 25,000,000 business profiles on Instagram. Over 80% of Instagram users follow a business.
  • Over 200,000,000 view a business profile every day.
  • Instagram brings in over 20% of Facebook’s revenue.
  • By 2019 Instagram ad revenue will reach over 10,000,000,000 USD.
  • In 2018, over 70% of US companies will use Instagram for marketing, edging out Twitter for the first time.
  • 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business.
  • 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.

Thinking about using Instagram to market your recruitment business? Not sure where to start and looking for inspiration?

Here are the 21 of our favorite Instagram business accounts in the recruitment industry:

#1 – Follow @SalesForceJobs.

New posts are added daily to help potential candidates learn what it’s like to work for the company. Check out “Aloha Fridays” and the “Puppyforce” team.

#2 – Follow @JoeFindsTalent.

Joe Burridge from EA Games is one of the pioneers of moving from traditional social media channels for recruitment to utilizing Instagram to attract his candidates. 

Simple and personal, it makes you feel like you know him and you want to have a chat with him. What more do you want to attract candidates?

#3 – Follow @MailChimp.

This is one of my personal favorites in respect to the design, the branding and the overall feel of insta page. 

They have taken their mascot logo (a small monkey) and ran with it, and I love it.   The images are clean, simple and pleasing to the eye that makes you want to hit that follow button!

#4 – Follow @Google.

Google’s insta profile is the definition of simple, clean, attractive images. I really love this one and if you apply their simple approach followers will come!

#5 – Follow @MarketoInc.

Marketo shows that having a social media presence doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, they have stayed true to their employer brand by mostly just focusing on their signature color: purple.  Keeping it simple works.

#6 – Follow @HubSpot.

Hubspot work job availability into their captions, allowing them to recruit in a masterful yet simple way.  

#7 – Follow @Recruiterly.

Of course this list would not be complete without Recruiterly’s own Instagram profile.  Recruiterly uses Instagram for sharing blogs, recruitment tips, tricks and hacks!  And a few pictures of Olive the Recruiterly sausage dog mascot trying to search for a new owner who will feed her prime steak.

#8 – Follow @MarriottCareers.

Both featuring and honoring employees, this page entices potential candidates to engage with the company, if I was looking for a job in hospitality – I would want to work here.

#9 – Follow @LevoLeague.

“Your career copilot” provides candidates with the tools they need to reach their goals. LevoLeague uses inspirational quotes and valuable content to effectively display their brand.

#10 – Follow @HRCloud.

Photography, video, and infographics come together to advertise job openings and encourage people to visit their booth at trade shows.

#11 – Follow @InsideGlassDoor.

It’d be quite ironic if GlassDoor didn’t give candidates insight into working at the company, and that’s why their dedicated Instagram page is all about highlighting milestones, star employees, and the company culture.

#12 – Follow @GeneralElectric.

GE’s page reaches customers and candidates, talking about the happenings and projects inside the company.  Amazing high quality pictures that is pretty much engineering porn – if you are trying to attract engineers for your business GE offer a masterclass in Instagram.

#13 – Follow @Garyvee.

Although not strictly career or recruitment related, Gary Vee’s profile is worth a mention, not only due to the 4M other people that love it but he is the master of the inspirational video that people love to watch.  Get your staff to record short videos

#14 – Follow @Levis.

Levi’s, with nearly 7M followers on their Instagram, are a true example of branding, without throwing their “brand” in every picture.

As a consumer brand the images are of course are the highest quality. But not only high quality imagery but they really nail posts relating to calendar events, such as Pride week, and others.

#15 – Follow @Insideindeed.

Inside Indeed is not their main Instagram page but this is a perfect of example of an Instagram page that makes you want to work at the company, fun, clear, bright and enticing photos! 

#16 – Follow @Entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur profile utilizes headshots of entrepreneurs from around the globe, they keep the photos, honing in on the individual.  What I also like is their Instagram Story highlights which are the circles just just above the photos. They categorize these by webinars, books, polls, elevator pitches, etc – this gives the visitor easy access to their content. 

#17 – Follow @Reddit.

Reddit’s Instagram page features everything from employees getting to rub shoulders with celebrities to marketing the latest happenings that all users can enjoy, Reddit promotes their employer brand by showing off just what makes Reddit so great.

#18 – Follow @Recruiter_life.

While this meme page exclusively for recruiters won’t teach you much, it will certainly have you giggling about the latest inside jokes and it’s the best way to brighten up your day.

#19 – Follow @Yelpcareers.

Yelp’s #TakeoverTuesday hashtag is probably one of the most successful and inspiring of all, allowing one new employee to take over the company’s Instagram each week so they can post pictures about their job in a “day-in-the-life-of” kind of style.

#20 – Follow @Starbucksjobs.

Starbucks’ Instagram page is devoted to showing customers and candidates what the company is all about, painting a picture of the culture through true stories of employees and everyday people.

#21 – Follow @MicrosoftLife.

One of the biggest companies in the world, Microsoft proves they don’t take themselves too seriously as they show off the fun side of working inside this tech giant.

Want to know how to use social media to source candidates? Check out this article: Ultimate Recruiters Guide To Sourcing Candidates Using Social Media.

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