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3 Recruitment Trends for 2018

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3 Recruitment Trends for 2018

Recruiter branding (the individual not the company).

Never before, has it been so important as a recruiter to build your own personal brand.

I’m not talking from a career move perspective but from a talent attraction. Traditional methods of sourcing candidates aka Job Boards.

Are becoming less and less valuable. 

Especially as many seem to continuously increase prices instead of features.

So, what’s the solution?

Let’s say you build your brand, to reach 100,000 people continuously and importantly you build an authentic relationship with those followers.

Through providing consistent, useful, relevant content and insights that are valuable to them.

What happens when you need a Data Scientist?

You’ve got potentially 100,000 mini-resourcer’s ready to help and spread the word for you.

It’s free to post to your social media, so that’s an incredible ROI if you make a placement.

It’s obviously not that simple, it can be challenging building a network.

And neither will all 100,000 example followers share your request for a data scientist.

The concept and potential value is clear.

The best bit, once you have that brand and following you can really add value to countless people which is super rewarding in itself.

Let alone, your ability to perform as a recruiter with all those passive candidates coming to you, as the expert.

So how do you build your brand?

Provide consistent, relevant and valuable content.

Understand your audience and provide value to them.

Are you recruiting salespeople?

Then start to write for various business and sales publications.

Share content relevant to salespeople learning and improving.

Seek out and create value and provide it easily.

Be honest and vulnerable.

No one is perfect.

Share your experience, be authentic with your audience and you will be far more relatable.

Seek out and engage with other industry leaders. Share knowledge, collaborate.

Recruiters will start transitioning to become digital marketers.

You may think this is the same as building your brand.

Well, it can be. One part of it.

But there is so much more to digital marketing.

I’m hearing more and more stories of recruiters finding candidates through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Whether that is on social media platforms or engaging with and hiring professionals via Instagram.

Digital marketing is a massive, broad subject.

However, what I think will happen is recruiters are going to start becoming savvier in more channels of digital marketing.

Instead of having a handful of ‘influencers’ who’ve cracked the code to get 40k twitter followers.

And hopefully, we’ll have a plethora of recruiting professionals creating and publishing valuable content and building a following.

We’ll see recruiters learning and leveraging paid advertising for searches.

And we’ll see recruiters testing new channels with unique strategies to build networks in niche markets of experts.

Which will change recruiters mindsets from ‘ask to get’ too ‘provide value and receive’.

Recruiters will start to leverage the very technology set to replace them.

It’s quite a hot topic at the moment.

AI and Machine Learning will replace recruiters and so on.

Some even blur the two.

Yes, there is potential that a portion of the industry could be replaced by technology.

If recruitment businesses leverage these tools for themselves they can free up time to perform at an even higher level.

I’m super confident that AI and Machine Learning tools will become valuable and will change the industry in some way.

But I can only see it changing for the better.

Recruiters work long hours and have to juggle countless plates to be successful.

Imagine having available and leveraging super smart recruiting tools to free up some of the administrative tasks of being a recruiter?

And allowing them to focus on the relationship between the candidate and the client.

The impact on the industry could be amazing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trends for 2018, comments below.

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Matthew Gibbs

Matthew Gibbs

Matt is the Co-Founder of Recruiterly and a veteran recruitment professional. He has worked for, managed and owned recruitment agencies in the UK, Australia and Asia.

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