5 Foolproof Strategies For Finding Candidates That Are Not On LinkedIn

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Where would you find candidates if Linkedin closed their doors? 

It is a scary thought to some recruiters, but there are still plenty of candidates that are not on Linkedin, so here are 5 foolproof strategies for finding candidates that are not on Linkedin!

For most recruiters, LinkedIn has become the bread and butter of a talent sourcing strategy. Before their first cup of coffee, some recruiters have already logged onto LinkedIn and started sending out inMails by the dozen.

What started as a professional social media site has fast evolved into “the” talent acquisition tool: with an ocean of active candidates at their fingertips, it’s hard for recruiters to resist.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that most candidates are sick and tired of LinkedIn. After already receiving 3 near-identical connection request messages about an “exciting opportunity” at a “fun and dynamic company”, your inMail detailing a new vacancy will hardly cut through the noise.

By limiting yourself to the one channel, you cut yourself off to a whole host of well-skilled candidates. With that in mind, it’s time to look beyond LinkedIn and try some new tactics:

No# 1 – Try targeted advertising

Most recruiters know better than to “spray and pray” when engaging their target audience, yet many are unsure where to start when it comes to advertising.

It’s hardly surprising, after all, the conversion rate for online advertising varies hugely and a diverse group of candidates are likely to respond in different ways.

Recruiters must use this to their advantage to create targeted online ad campaigns tailored to the over-arching preferences of a particular group.

By using specialist social mapping techniques, it’s quick and easy to profile the online behavior of niche candidates, allowing you to engage them with relevant, bespoke content. 

No# 2 – Explore niche communities

When LinkedIn became over-saturated with recruiters, marketers and people posting monochrome “motivational” memes of Richard Branson, many of its users retreated to forums and sites dedicated to their line of work.

How to find candidates that are not on linkedin

Programmers, for example, prefer channels like GitHub where they can discuss challenges, developments and opportunities with like-minded individuals in the same field.

Exploring these untapped online communities will open you up to new “digital pockets” where specialist talent can be found. 

No# 3 – Attend networking events

If you’re recruiting for a particular set of skills, you’re unlikely to catch that “purple squirrel” lurking on generalist job boards. Instead of limiting yourself to LinkedIn and the digital sphere, step out of your office chair and start meeting with candidates face-to-face.

By attending networking events that are local to the role you are working on and centred around a specific industry, you can connect with specialist candidates and start building a talent pipeline you can tap into when the time is right.

No# 4 – Reverse source industry experts

When the shoe fits but the talent is taken, it can be hard to walk away. While actively monitoring and engaging these candidates is important, they can also lead you to equally skilled individuals through a little bit of internet stalking.

All it takes is a quick Google search of their name along with other critical candidate variables to see where they pop up: you might get lucky and uncover a goldmine of talent on a site you’d previously never heard of.

Adopting this strategy should lead you to the niche networks that exist outside of LinkedIn.

No# 5 – Build your personal brand

Today, sophisticated candidates appreciate the guidance of a well-seasoned recruiter they can trust to match them to a great company.

Therefore, a well-crafted personal brand can make all the difference. By establishing your presence within a particular industry, building trust with prospective candidates and constantly refining your image in this sphere, you can guarantee sourcing talent will become a lot easier.

While LinkedIn offers a springboard for personal brand-building, failing to capitalize on other social channels as well as face-to-face opportunities will only slow your progress.

Building a brand to attract inbound leads will help you rise above the rest, here at Recruiterly we provide free public profiles for recruiters and marketing tools for those that want to get ahead of others – all completely free, check out our blog post “Recruiterly Explained: Building Your Brand”.

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