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5 Steps to recruiter branding and reputation management on social media.

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5 Steps to recruiter branding and reputation management on social media


Most experts say that the job market is a candidate’s playground due to low unemployment numbers and skill shortages around the world.

The very best candidates have the advantage when it comes to choosing where they’d like to build a career.

Recruiters who want to stand out and attract top talent are thus focused on creating positive brands in a variety of ways, including on social networks.

It’s this personal interaction with people that demonstrates how well a company treats its employees.

According to a LinkedIn report, “72 percent of recruiting leaders agree that the employer brand can have a significant impact on hiring outcomes.”

A clearly defined reputation that’s built on strong values can appeal to candidates who are looking for more than just a job.

They want to work with a company that stands for something good and provides a culture that aligns with their own core ideals.

How can a recruiter do a better job at reputation management and recruitment branding by harnessing the power of social networks?

Use this five-step process to get started.

Step 1 – Establish a clear brand.

What is your brand as an employer and as a recruitment professional?

If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to develop something that is clearer to candidates.

Never assume those job seekers will automatically understand this brand.

Despite having different ideas than others in your organization, it’s vital to work together with a common brand.

Use the same brand on all social networks.

Step 2 – Know what appeals to your market.

The only way to attract candidates is by understanding how well your recruitment brand appeals to a targeted candidate base.

The world is becoming ever more transparent, particularly since the rise of more user-generated content.

CareerArc 2015 Employer Branding Study showed that one in three employees had left a review of their former workplace on a company review site.

Step 3 – Have a clear plan of action.

A plan of action can help to both develop a strong recruitment brand and to maintain it.

Use clear and concise wording, developed in partnership between the recruitment and marketing teams of your organization.

Treat all candidates the same.

Use social networks in a way that honors the overall candidate experience.

Step 4 – Focus on relationship building (particularly helpful for passive candidates).

This is the most important of all the steps in building a solid recruitment brand and maintaining your reputation in the market.

Use social networks to create value with new and relevant content.

Create groups and connect passive and active candidates to your career opportunities.

Use social media events to share employee testimonials and highlight career advancement and learning.

Step 5 – Consistency is key.

When developing a recruitment brand, it’s critical to also focus on consistency of messaging.

This includes all the content you put out there in the market, from your employer brand proposition to the information your leaders share.

The biggest and best brands are consistent in everything they do, therefore follow suit to play in their league.

Final Test.

To evaluate how well you are doing with your recruitment brand and reputation management.

Ask yourself if you would take the time to hire you as a brand leader?

If your brand is solid, it should be easy to answer this question. If not, then it needs more work.

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Matthew Gibbs

Matthew Gibbs

Matt is the Co-Founder of Recruiterly and a veteran recruitment professional. He has worked for, managed and owned recruitment agencies in the UK, Australia and Asia.

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