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7 Awesome Gmail Plugins for Recruiters.

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7 Awesome Gmail Plugins for Recruiters

The modern-day recruiter has to wear several different hats at once. In the rush to decrease time to hire and improve candidate quality. While being productive at the same time, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming.

You can make your job much easier and stress-free by making use of smart tools. And Gmail plugins are awesome as they help without you even leaving your inbox.

Here are a few fantastic plugins for Gmail for recruiters and headhunters.

#1 – Streak

Have you ever needed a CRM for recruiting, but without the unnecessary extra features? Streak does just that.

This small but feature-packed platform allows you to have an entire CRM directly in your Gmail inbox, without obstructing the regular functionalities of the email platform.

You may be thinking, what does a CRM tool have to do with recruiting? Well, it allows you to easily track candidate status and to assign details to each of them. As well as see all emails exchanged between the candidate and your organization.

#2 – Sortd

If you’re a fan of the project management app Trello. Sortd will be right up your alley. It’s a Gmail plugin that allows you to create to-do lists easily.

You can set up reminders and to-do lists for candidates you have yet to reach out to and organize your entire inbox in just a few clicks. A highly recommended Gmail plugin for the busy recruiter or headhunter!

#3 – Hire by Google

Who’s more suited to build a Gmail plugin for recruiters than Google themselves? Calling themselves “more than an applicant tracking system“.

Hire by Google offers a whole range of features for your email inbox. One of its major strengths is recognizing past applicants who weren’t hired and informing them about new positions.

#4 – LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail

Previously known as Rapportive. This excellent plugin allows you to automatically connect a person’s email with their LinkedIn account.

It saves significant time by giving you a detailed overview of each contact’s profile as you hover over their name. It’s available to both free and premium LinkedIn users.

#5 – Boomerang

Can you even imagine how many great candidates slipped through your fingers simply because you forgot to follow up?

You never have to worry about that again with Boomerang.

It notifies you to follow up with contacts. Whether it’s cold email or standard correspondence. As a bonus, it can even notify you if an email has never been read or opened.

#6 – Wisestamp

One part of emails that don’t get enough credit is the signature. Luckily, folks from Wisestamp have caught on and created a tool that makes Gmail signatures into an art form.

You can easily connect all of your social profiles in your signature, as well as promote your latest job openings.

What’s more, you can make the signature dynamic so it alternates job post links in every email you send.

#7 – BatchedInbox

Do you ever get knee-deep into sorting applications and sourcing new candidates? Only to get swamped with emails every other second?

BatchedInbox does only one thing, but it does it really well.

It allows you to get batches of emails in set intervals. Every hour or two, for example. You can work without interruptions and only get emails when you want to.

If you’re looking to maximize your productivity, these 7 Gmail plugins and tools should fit the bill. And ensure you can recruit high-quality candidates without even leaving your inbox.

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