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7 Awesome Ways to Market Your Recruitment Agency on a Budget.

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7 Awesome Ways to Market Your Recruitment Agency on a Budget

Recruitment marketing can be expensive and digital, social and traditional marketing are unfortunately increasing in cost.   

For a small recruitment agency this can be daunting. So how can you effectively market your recruitment business on a budget?

Trust and expertise are your currencies on both sides of the recruitment equation.

Sure, you’re still collecting data on every interaction. But you can come closer to sealing more deals by effectively marketing yourself and your agency. Here are seven ways to do it:

#1 – Focus on quality leads, not quantity.

Everyone needs a job and every business needs new candidates at some point, right? Right, but not everyone will fit your mission and capabilities.

You know that sweet spot better than anyone. Get a good handle on the demographics and psychographics of those prospects. And spend your precious time and budget on them.

Use professional networks such as Glassdoor, Angel Co, LinkedIn to search out potential leads in a free manner.

With a tighter focus, you can now spend time outreaching to these leads in a personal manner (e.g. LinkedIn messages, cold emails). Knowing they’ll convert because you know them better and can address their needs.

#2 – Be where they are.

You know that listening to your clients is key to making a great match. The same applies to those who are not yet your clients.

Find out where they spend their time, including local forums, events, and online networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Quora). This is where you can weigh in with your helpful perspective. Or just establish a presence through participation and networking.

Keep sales pitches out of these channels. Instead, give away a nugget from your trove of insights in a tweet or a blog post and you’ve taken the first step towards planting the seed of a positive relationship.

Establish yourself as an interesting and trustworthy individual who happens to possess a deep well of expertise.

#3 – Offer actionable insights.

Deliver value. This is how you’ll establish yourself as a partner and thought leader instead of a service provider.

It’ll help you separate yourself from your competitors and remain top of mind with your prospects.

Think beyond just recruitment, add value upstream and downstream in your potential clients lives. Addressing topics such as talent strategy, culture, and employee onboarding.

Now you’re known in circles beyond recruiting, and when they have a recruiting need. You’ll be top of mind.

#4 – Package content.

E-books, white papers, case studies, and infographics enable a deep dive or an enticing taste of what you offer.

Find free images through Creative Commons (dodge copyright issues with images labeled “CC0”). And use free templates and images at Canva.

The more valuable the content you create, the easier it is to collect lead information (e.g. through a mailing list) prior to them downloading the content without turning them off.

According to a Forbes, “By 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.” Tap into community access TV. There’s lots of coaching available on how to create a video for your website, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Remember, no selling here: it’s all about coming across as a trustworthy, expert resource.

#5 – Learn the language so you’re visible online.

It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there. And you are ceding ground to your competition if you have not learned at least the basics of search engine optimization for content. Free tools abound online.

Find relevant keywords and phrases with Keywords Everywhere. A free browser add-on. Headlines are critical to attracting eyeballs so run yours through the free CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

Creating content is one thing. Learning how to rank online so your readers find you is as important!

#6 – Good, old-fashioned press.

Ride the coattails of holidays, current events, and local happenings.

Add your professional perspective. Especially local news with a tweet or email to your local TV,  newspaper, association, or forum.

Sometimes, even the little things such as a small sponsorship of an event. Or offering free consultation for job hunters is all you need to get your word out there.

#7 – Crowd Marketing.

Recruiterly offers a free crowd marketing solution for recruitment and staffing agencies so why not use it? What is Recruiterly?

Recruiters and headhunters can create a free search friendly public profile in minutes on Recruiterly. As the they sign-up they choose their staffing agency or search firm they work for. Each staffing agency or search firm also has their own unique landing page on Recruiterly.

Every activity the recruiter or headhunter performs on platform can be scheduled across all their social profiles (FB, Twitter and Linkedin currently). And these will also be shared with their colleagues who can share their posts across their social profiles.

This will accelerate the marketing of your business and its brand for free.

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