7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

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Do you sit there after sending an email wondering if your client or candidate has read or passed on your email?  If so, have you been wondering which email tracking tool is right for you? As a recruiter, it’s important to know the system you choose is going to maximize your chances of recruiting prospects.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 email tracking tools to help you identify and keep track of your potential candidates.

1. SalesHandy

Once you sign up, SalesHandy provides you with free unlimited email tracking and scheduling for life. As one of the most popular email tracking tools, SalesHandy supplies additional features like desktop notifications, reply tracking, customized mute email notifications, open rate and link tracking.

SalesHandy also allows you to export the analytics report of tracked emails and save it as a CSV file, should you choose to do use other software for more in-depth analysis.

You can start with a 14 day free trial, after which you can keep the free plan or choose a $9, $20 or $50 per month plan.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

2. Yesware

This efficient tool seamlessly integrates with Gmail, giving you access to click, open and reply rates. Yesware’s paid plans include email templates, automated follow ups, send later/reminders, a meeting scheduler, and salesforce integration.

Prices start with a 28 day free trial and range from $15 to $100 per month.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

3. Bananatag

With easy integration to your compose box and optional tracking on individual emails, Bananatag is a great choice when you only need to track selected emails. Email scheduling, email templates, attachment tracking and email analytics are also offered in their paid plan options.

Bananatag’s free plan includes all the basics, and you can choose from a $12 or $25 per month plan to enjoy the additional features.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

4. MixMax

MixMax allows you to set email tracking as default, rather than having to turn it on for each email. You will enjoy real-time desktop notifications when your email is opened and how many times it’s been viewed by recipients.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

They are soon to be releasing Advanced Email Tracking, which will give valuable insights into the prospect’s geographical and other information.

MixMax has a 14 day free trial, followed by a $12, $29 or $65 per month plan.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters


5. Mailtrack

This Gmail compatible email tracking tool has simplicity down to a tee. Mailtrack allows you to see when your email has been read with a no-fuss two tick symbol. Mailtrack can also let you know the exact time it was opened, much like on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

Pricing for Mailtrack starts at free for the basic plan, adds real-time notifications for $1.50 per month, and additional extras for $2.49 per month. This one is great in terms of bang for your buck!

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

6. ContactMonkey

An easy to download and install plugin, ContactMonkey will get you tracking your recruitment emails in no time. With an easy to use interface, you can use the advanced tracking report on your Outlook mail with no fuss. ContactMonkey offers additional features such as delay send, Salesforce integration, and mail merge.

Packages are priced at $10, $15 and $25 and are billed annually. This ones a good choice if your recruiting team is forced to use enterprise software such as  Microsoft Outlook.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

7. Hubspot

A leader in sales and marketing, Hubspot can help recruiters get the information they need. Their system provides an inbuilt activity stream, allowing you to scan your emails between you and the customer and find out what made it a successful recruitment. Additional Features include CRM, all-in-one marketing software and sales software which makes this great if you’re looking for a holistic all-in-one tool.

Plans range from free, $50 or $400 per month for varying packages, but all include email tracking.

7 Extremely Useful Email Tracking Tools for Recruiters

With any of these options you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re just looking for the basic email tracking features – which one you choose will come down to integration requirements with your existing mailbox (e.g. Gmail vs. Outlook) and the simplicity of the interface. Either way, a mail tracking tool is a must to boost your recruitment efforts and any of these are a great way to get started.


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