The New Resume Trends For 2018

Chances are if you look back at examples of resumes from 20 years ago you’ll barely recognize them as the documents we know today. This is because the resume is a document that adapts and shifts to changes in the job market and to suit what employers are looking for, so it just won’t do to update your old resume template and think you can pass it off.

With hiring managers spending less time than ever looking over potential candidates and the rate of unemployment currently sitting at around 4.4% according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it’s never been more crucial to make a modern and desirable first impression with your resume.

Just knowing a little about the expected trends and resume tips 2018 puts you in the best position possible to highlight your skills and experience to help you stand out from the pack.

Ways To Update Your Resume In 2018

If you’ve been wondering what your resume should look like in 2018, we’ve got the answers covered. This year, we noticed a trend towards a more minimalistic style of resume that really focuses on your key skills and experience, and we can expect to see a lot more of that in 2018.

Minimalistic style of resume.

Here are a few things you can do to get yourself a modern resume that’s sure to be noticed by the people who matter.

Specialized Templates

Considering we all have access to the same old tired resume templates found on the usual word processors, we can expect 2018 to be the year where people are investing in quality resume templates that offer a more personalized look.

Spending just a little money on a more tailored and modern resume will help to highlight your skills and experience in the best light possible, and make yours a standout against the hundreds of others using the same dated templates.

Keywords Count

Thanks to the growing trend of the Applicant Tracking System, candidates need to be sure their resume is filled with the appropriate keywords if they wish to have a successful and modern resume 2018.

This software means that human eyes won’t be scanning your resume so it needs to be formatted correctly so that the software can pick up the relevant information and keywords that will enable you to get through to the next stage.

Tailor It To The Job

Although this isn’t exactly a new revelation, it’s now more important to ever to make sure the resume you send matches the job you’re applying for. Hiring managers can tell instantly if you’re sending out a generic resume, so take the time and effort to ensure it meets all of the requirements in the job posting.

Create A Brand

There’s no doubt that brand power is something real and tangible, so why not do what major organizations do and create your own brand image? Your resume can be an exact snapshot of everything you’re about and help to solidify you as more than just a candidate, making you memorable and enticing for the hiring manager.

Changes In Hiring And Human Resources

According to the industry experts at Forbes, it’s not just the candidate to has to update themselves for the coming year. There are quite a few trends emerging in human resources and the way that candidates are hiring, so being aware of these can put you another step ahead of the rest.

Anonymous Hiring

With a huge focus on reducing rates of discrimination, we can expect to see a lot of blind hiring in 2018.

This means that once your resume has been submitted, all of the information relating to your age, background, gender, and alma mater will be removed, giving everyone an even playing field where only their skills matter.

Future Proof Employees

Being able to prove your willingness for flexibility will be a big deal in the coming year, as employers are looking for staff that can adapt to the changing business conditions and roles of employees within their organization.

Remote Workforce

More and more companies are embracing the remote workforce which gives people flexibility about where they work. If your resume is able to highlight your willingness and capability to be an independent worker, then this will be in your favor.

Passive Candidates

This year we noticed a trend that will grow even more in 2018, and that was the rise of the passive candidate. Rather than waiting for candidates to apply directly, hiring managers are now searching for their own employees which is why it’s important to have a resume that will stand out and feature the right keywords and phrases.

Perfecting The Resume Template

Rather than going with an elaborate resume template that will only make it harder for employers to read about you, there are some great and simple templates that will have a far greater effect.

The best options to highlight your strengths is something clean, professional, and unique, so relying on the same old templates that come with your word processor just won’t cut it.

With the right resume template as your base, you can then begin to craft a resume that will be a stand out in 2018. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager and think about what they really want to see from a candidate, and that will give you a good idea of where to start.

By following the trends in human resources and the job market you’ll be in the best position to offer up something that you think an employer wants.

Consider all of the upcoming trends like anonymous job applications and the importance of branding, and you’ll have a resume that shows you can keep up with the times and deliver what people really want.

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