Resume Writing



How To Get A Freelance Job

We all have that dream of working for ourselves and becoming our boss, breaking away from the shackles of our


The Combination Resume

When you’re on a mission to get yourself a new job or completely reinvent your career, the first step is

Volunteer work to add to resume

Learn How To Include Volunteer Work In Your Resume

Volunteer work is a wonderful chance to show potential employers key skills like fundraising, problem solving, event planning, and teamwork. However, many people often wonder if you need a section


The Best Resume Skills To List

When a potential employer is going over hundreds of resumes, usually the easiest thing for them to look over at a glance is your skill set. For this reason, the

How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter.

How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

They’re an essential part of the job application process but one that’s often overlooked by those applying for work. The cover letter might not get as much air time as

The Ultimate Guide To Resume Formatting.

The Ultimate Guide To Resume Formatting

As your first shot at advertising yourself to potential employers, your resume is by far the most important document you’ll create in life. These summaries should act as an advertisement

The Essential Guide To Resume Writing

The Essential Guide To Resume Writing

We rarely get many chances in life to make a good first impression, and when we do we want to save those best first impressions for our professional goals. For

7 Common Resume Mistakes.

7 Common Resume Mistakes

When you consider how many applications a hiring manager receives for every advertisement they post, you’ll realize how little time they actually have to glance over each resume. According to


How To Write A Functional Resume

When you’re looking to moving into a new career or you have a less than stellar history in terms of jobs and lengths of employment, you might dread the thought


How To Write A College Resume

The thought of creating a college student resume can be daunting when you consider how little job experience you might have compared to other applicants. However, you may find that


6 Tips For Creating A High School Resume

While it might seem daunting to have to create a resume when you have little or no work experience, it doesn’t need to be that tough. Your first resume might


3 Tips For Writing A Minimalist Resume

In the world of job seeking, your resume is the only tool you can rely on to get yourself noticed and give you a chance of meeting with an employer

How To Beat The Applicant Tracking Systems.

How To Beat The Applicant Tracking Systems

As more and more jobs are being taken over by computers these days, it seems that even the world of recruitment and job seeking isn’t safe. Applicant tracking systems (ATS)


How To Include References In Your Resume

Aside from your resume, the references that you list are an extremely important part of the job hunting process, but one that often gets left behind with little thought. Our

The Video Resume Guide

The Video Resume Guide

Creating a resume can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the job process. Not only do you need to compile all of the relevant information, skills, and experience

10 Tips For Writing A One Page Resume

10 Tips For Writing A One Page Resume

As eager job-seekers, we want to show our future employers that we have all the skills and experience needed for the job. No detail is spared because, in our eyes,

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