3 Tips For Writing A Minimalist Resume

In the world of job seeking, your resume is the only tool you can rely on to get yourself noticed and give you a chance of meeting with an employer for an interview. Rather than having an overcrowded resume that’s full of quantity over quality, many job seekers are now opting for a minimalist resume instead.

Although this style might not be right for everyone, and it won’t always suit every type of job you apply for, there certainly are benefits to taking the minimalist approach in your job applications.

Minimalist resume example.

We’re here to show you how to get the minimalist resume to work for you, and some helpful tips on how to make it a stand out in a sea of other candidates.


What Is A Minimalist Resume?

Gone are the days when everyone used the same standard resume templates for their jobs and hoped for the best, as the job seekers of today aren’t afraid to innovate and create something that better matches their skills. The minimalist resume is a fairly new style of resume, and as the name suggests it is usually short and succinct in nature.

Minimalist resumes are created to feature all of your best and most important information in a succinct manner, and they usually fit on just one page.

Because there isn’t as much text as you’d find on a multiple page resume, some people like to get a little creative with the design and add in borders or unique fonts. This is an area to be cautious of, though, as you don’t want to distract too much from your experience and skills.

Another difference with a minimalist resume is the usage of ratings or graphics which show your skills in certain areas, as a way to present them in a more visual way. Some people might want to list programs or software they’re proficient in and give a rating, or score themselves on other skills they have, and this can make it easier for your potential employer

A minimalist resume should grab the attention of the hiring manager and show them quickly exactly what skills you can bring to the table, and how it’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

 Try to imagine it as a snapshot into what you offer as a candidate but without being too vague on important details like dates you worked and positions you held. If they’re interested, they will contact you for more information or perhaps arrange for an interview, and this is where you can help them fill in the gaps.


When Should You Use A Minimalist Resume?

So, when is the right time to use a minimalist resume, and will it always work? The short answer is no, as some employers want more details and multi-paged resumes, and in this case, you won’t be able to supply the succinct format of a minimalist resume. 

However, if you feel that it’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, this modern style of resume is becoming more popular than ever.

Handing in your resume.

Many people in creative industries now use the minimalist resume, as a way to showcase their experience and also their creative talents in the production of the document. However, you should always be cautious not to crowd it with too many graphics, borders, or fancy text styles, as this can put a potential employer off from reading your resume at all.

If you have limited experience, the minimalist resume can be a great way to show the key areas that you shine and how the minimal skills that you have are relevant to the job.

On the other end of the spectrum, those with many years of experience might find a minimalist resume beneficial to take out a lot of the content that doesn’t matter, and rather focus on the positions you’ve held that make you a good fit.


3 Tips For Writing A Minimalist Resume

If you’re thinking of using a minimalist resume for your next job application, there really isn’t too much to them. Here are a few things you should factor in when creating yours, always remembering the key focus is on big details and achievements, without too much drivel along the way.

  • Quality over quantity - The goal of a minimalist resume is to feature rich content that’s worthy of reading, so you want to be sure that every single letter and word on there is serving a purpose.
  • Keep it short - This is the main point of the minimalist resume design, and as a rule, it should be able to fit all on one page. As employers spend such a short amount of time looking at resumes, you need to make yours succinct but memorable
  • Adapt it to the job - Don’t have just one standard resume for every job you apply for, as there are some skills that will be worth highlighting more than others. Make small changes to your minimalist resume before you send it off so that it can target exactly what the employer is looking for

A Time And A Place For The Minimalist Approach

There are certainly plenty of benefits to creating and submitting a minimalist resume, however, be warned that it won’t always work. 

Carefully read and understand job advertisements and recruitment specifications before applying for any job, as you might find that each employer has their own specifications about much detail your resume should involve.

Writing your resume.

This new approach to resume writing is sure to become even more popular in the future, as now many employers prefer to look online to get a clear idea of a candidate’s experience and background. 

A minimalist resume should act as an introduction to your skills and give the employer all of the quality information that they need to consider you as an employee.

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