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How To Get A Freelance Job

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How To Get A Freelance Job - man behind laptop looking for a freelance job

We all have that dream of working for ourselves and becoming our boss, breaking away from the shackles of our nine to five job and working from home as we please. What used to be a fantasy is now becoming a reality for many with the rise of freelancing and contractor jobs popping up everywhere.

Last year, Forbes reported that a massive 35% of the US workforce was made up of freelancers, signaling that this trend is only continuing to grow.

Thanks to the internet, there’s never been an easier time to pick up freelancing work for yourself, but due to the popularity of it, there are now also more candidates to contend with. The key to getting your foot in the door and being noticed is to perfect your resume for freelance job so that it makes you desirable and attractive to potential employers.

Computer used for freelancing.

With a freelancing job, you’ll be on the path to making more money as a contractor because you can use your experience and work to build up a reputation for yourself. All it takes to start is a quality resume that shows why you’re the ideal fit for the contract, and you can be earning your own money in no time without relying on an office job to get you by.

What Are The Best Freelancing Platforms?

Thanks to the wonder of the internet and the ability to connect people from all over the world with each other, it’s never been a better time to start freelancing.

There are now hundreds of freelancing platforms out there for you to try, with something to suit every skill set and industry. Here are a few of the most popular ones currently available to join:

  • Upwork – By far one of the most popular, having an Upwork resume and profile gives you access to thousands of jobs in numerous industries that are updated by the minute
  • Craigslist – Not only useful for buying and selling your old furniture, Craigslist has thousands of job openings for freelancers if you know how to look correctly.
  • Toptal – This is for more seasoned freelancers and has a thorough screening process that all potential candidates must go through. However, you’re rewarded with top-tier clients and work that pays well for your skills.
  • Freelancer – This freelance platform gives you the chance to compete in contests with other freelancers so that you can prove your skills, so it’s great for those new to freelancing who know they have a lot to offer.

How To Write The Perfect Resume For Freelancing

When you’re crafting a resume for a freelancing job, you’ll need to treat it just as you would with any other job application. You should always adapt your resume to the exact role you’re applying for and be careful not to send out anything that looks generic otherwise this will only lessen your chances.

Learning how to write perfect resume for Upwork or any of the other freelancing platforms is somewhat different to a traditional resume, with a few key things that you need to consider.

Focus On Skills

As a freelancer, it’s more about what you know than where you worked previously, so this is where you should show off your skills. Some freelancers might choose to show this in a more stylish way than simple bullet points so that it matches the laid-back style of your business.


This is where you can list skills like design programs or website management so your clients can see where your strong points are.

Showcase Your Style

The freelancer resume is one where you can be a little more creative than usual, so let your design style show in this document. Keep it professional and laid back, but don’t be afraid to use a little more creativity in fonts, formatting, and images.

Direct Reader To Other Work

Your resume should be a snapshot of your skills and experience that leads the reader to examples of your work. Many freelancers have an online portfolio, and if this is you then you should show a link or information about how they can view other samples of work.

Show Experience

If you have relevant job experience that pertains to the type of freelance work you now do, feel free to show this on your resume. However, there’s no need to go too far back to unrelated jobs or list countless skills learned in other careers that have nothing to do with your current role when crafting a resume for freelance job.

Why A Good Resume Isn’t The Only Thing You’ll Need

There’s no doubt that having a good resume will help you land that freelancing job of your dreams, but more important is your online profile that you have on these freelancing platforms. Some clients might not even want to look at your resume if you have a good enough profile that shows them your experience in the past.

Many of these online freelance platforms will give your clients a chance to leave feedback on the quality of work you delivered, and these testimonials and reviews can have far more impact on the likelihood of gaining another contract than your resume would.

This is why it’s essential to maintain a good reputation when working on these platforms and deliver work on time and as required.

Man sitting on a computer.

Freelancing is undoubtedly becoming the way of work in the future, but it’s not as simple as some might think. Everything from how you apply for new contracts to your responsibilities for salary, deadlines, taxes, and hours worked all differ greatly from a regular job, so it’s something that requires a lot of planning and ongoing management.

However, if you can get it all right then you’ll benefit from the freedom and enjoyment of doing something that you truly love for work.

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Matthew Gibbs

Matthew Gibbs

Matt is the Co-Founder of Recruiterly and a veteran recruitment professional. He has worked for, managed and owned recruitment agencies in the UK, Australia and Asia.

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