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Hiring a Top Recruiter vs Relying on Job Boards.

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Blog Image for Hiring a Top Recruiter vs Relying on Job Boards

Companies use a wide variety of tactics to source staff. Some have success posting on job boards in search of qualified candidates.

Others more success through referral programs or utilizing LinkedIn’s talent solutions or a myriad of talent and social sourcing tools that are available.

But it’s all time-consuming and no channel typically guarantees a consistent return on effort.

So why would you consider hiring a staffing agency recruiter or headhunter when you are investing so much time (and often cash) into all these channels. Especially job boards?

Main Reasons Why Companies hire top recruiters:

  1. Convenience – hiring managers are time poor or have an urgent time-sensitive needs
  2. Access to the talent that their own strategies are not reaching
  3. Scale – a top recruiter can handle multiple assignments simultaneously, or can enlist the help of colleagues
  4. Influence – a top recruiter is an expert at influencing and persuading your industries best talent to consider and join your organization

Why Use A Recruiter or Headhunter?

Above everything, a recruiter will save you time. They’ll also get you more candidates to choose from. Here’s why:

  • They’re specialized: Most recruiters specialize in a certain niche. And that means they already have a pool of candidates in mind the moment you call them and tell them about the position you are trying to fill.
  • They’re actively searching, constantly: You are never going to be a recruiters only client. So recruiters are constantly networking, searching and building relationships with talent in their niche. They do this every day, all day. Your recruiter is also going to be trying many different avenues that you may not have known about. Or been willing/able to use yourself in order to find the right candidates.
  • They’ll pre-screen: A recruiter is going to act on your behalf to locate and pre-screen candidates so that only qualified ones are passed on to you to continue the interview process. Some jobs (industry dependent) can receive 100’s of unqualified applications. The recruiter will go through each application, apply their expertise to a pre-screen and filter down to the best candidates on the market. Saving you a heap of time.
  • They know how to influence: A top recruiter is an expert at influencing and persuading candidates to consider your company. Ensuring you have the best chance to secure a top-level candidate that can make a major impact to your organization.
  • They will keep their great clients, top of mind: Recruiters are sourcing, meeting and networking with new talent each and every day. If you build a relationship with your recruiter or headhunter. They will always keep you in mind when they discover new talent and provide you with the first opportunity to interview the candidate.

With all of that in mind, recruiters can often turn up more qualified candidates without you having to spend time looking for or screening them. The recruiter is going to pass the finest candidates on to the interview process and stop the rest at the door. Ensuring that your hiring process is effective.

Your Field Will Be A Determining Factor.

Now, in addition to saving you time. All these things will also save you a great deal of frustration. Some fields are easy to source in, others are not so easy. In the field of tech, for example, only about 13% of software developers say they are actively searching for a new position.

This means the other 87% that isn’t actively searching will not be looking on job boards. If you’re in the field of technology. That means your job board ad only has the chance to reach about 1 in 8 software developers.

If your company is solely using job boards to source candidates. You are missing out on some wonderful candidates considering that more than 60% of people in the tech field are open to new positions. Even though only a few are actively looking.

  • Your company will search passively. If you make a post on a job board, you are passively sourcing candidates. That means your ad is up 24/7, but it depends on the right people seeing it and responding to it.
  • A recruiter or headhunter will search actively. A recruiter is actively sourcing candidates. They are out there looking in multiple places. Calling around within their network, and letting candidates know about the position you are trying to fill.

By using other avenues to reach all of the potentially interested candidates in the tech field. Your numbers would increase to 3 out of 4. That’s why using a recruiter or headhunter can be very powerful.

Decide If It’s A Good Fit.

In the end, a recruiter is usually going to be able to turn up a lot more interested candidates for your company. They are also going to take the legwork out of the process by pre-screening the people who express interest. And making sure that they are a right fit for the position you are offering up.

Finally, many recruiters will also be able to support new hires with their transition to your company. Which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone and really sets new hires up for success.

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