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How staffing agencies can keep ahead of the curve

If there was ever an industry that could serve as a metaphor for ‘bounce-back ability’, it is recruitment. The economic downturn of a decade ago hit the staffing industry harder than most, but rather than lie around like a wounded animal, recruiters got on with getting on.

Within a few short years, the industry was not only back on its feet, it was on the cusp of a new boom – the likes of which we have never seen before.

Whatever challenges are thrown at it, the staffing industry’s resilience and never-give-in attitude will always see it survive and thrive once more. In fact, various figures show that the industry has never been in greater shape.

But of one of the biggest challenges staffing business leaders face is how to stay ahead of the increasingly competitive curve?

The war for talent has entered its most competitive phase

The staffing industry both in the US and globally is booming, employer hiring remains strong and the potential career opportunities for recruiters are plentiful. More and more new staffing businesses are entering the market too, as a growing number of would-be recruitment entrepreneurs are spotting the immense business opportunities available.

With employer demand rising and more staffing businesses competing for the same business, it is getting harder to retain and gain market share. So, what’s the solution?

Show how great you are, don’t just tell

If you think you’re the best in your space, prove it. Share your expertise and insights by writing blogs for your website (at least once a week). post them on your LinkedIn profile and contact journalists on your local business paper or trade publication – wherever your clients and candidates ‘hang out’.

Indeed, suppose you are tech recruiter and TechCrunch runs a comment or article that you have written, how good does that look on you? Being quoted in a media that your potential clients read will strengthen your appeal as a staffing business of choice, and it could generate new leads or cement a deal you’re currently working on.

Push your own promotional channels

Post content across your social media profiles that is relevant and valuable, rather than trying to sell to them all the time (no one likes that). All of these actions will raise your personal profile and that of your business.

They’ll also position you as the go-to expert in your space and putting you firmly on the radar of those clients you want to do business with the most.

The staffing industry is growing and evolving like never before, which is exciting yet equally challenging.

To stay ahead of the curve, recruiters need to continually be focused on their marketing and PR and how that influences perception and the attractiveness of their agency ‘brand’.

Remember, what people say about you is more valuable than what you say about yourself.

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