Personal branding should be easy – let’s make it so with these 3 easy steps

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Personal branding is the most powerful weapon in a recruiter’s arsenal.

If you aren’t actively promoting your achievements, values and personality to your prospective clients and candidates, you’re losing out to the competition.

Rockstars in the recruitment sphere enjoy a high profile; they benefit from a vast network who see them as the go-to resource for employment expertise.


Because a glowing reputation garners trust – an essential ingredient in an attractive personal brand.

Of course, building ‘brand you’ will take time: don’t expect results overnight, but don’t give up after the first hurdle.

If you’re unsure of where to start, we’ve broken it down into three simple steps:

No# 1 – Build relationships

Just like the digital age inadvertently sparked a revival of outdated or “retro” methods of marketing, sophisticated job seekers today are eager to meet with recruiters face to face; they want to get to know their recruiter before they entrust them with the task of finding a suitable vacancy.

It simply isn’t enough to send a connection request and see what happens: instead, recruiters must actively engage their target audience.

In order to create your personal brand, it’s essential to start building, growing and nurturing a wide network of prospective candidates rather than reaching out on an ad-hoc basis.

Once your network is brimming with competent candidates – both active and passive – you will start to benefit from a wide pool of diverse talent ready to engage when the time is right. 

Personal Branding in 3 easy steps

No# 2 – Showcase your expertise

If you are to build trust with a new audience, you must be willing to provide evidence of your skills and experience in the profession.

Luckily, social media allows recruiters to do just this, but it’s up to you to use the space wisely. Nobody wants to read, watch or listen to content that isn’t useful to them in some way, so don’t waste the opportunity by copying others.

This is your chance to demonstrate your particular expertise, whether it’s in a certain niche such as tech recruitment or executive-level talent sourcing.

You might try blogging or starting a weekly podcast, you might share a candidate-focused video about the ten top tips for interview preparation.

With a constant flow of helpful, targeted content, job-seekers and employers alike begin to view you as a leader in your field.

Using a reputation management tool can supercharge your online reputation by providing the ability to share to social media.

No# 3 – Be yourself, promote yourself

In order for your personal brand to stand out from the competition, it must be authentic, genuine and memorable.

Nobody wants to engage with a cold and calculated RecruiterBot; they come to a recruiter to have a human conversation about a human problem. With that in mind, it’s time to be yourself and step out of the social shadows into the light.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t be too tricky – after all, you are unlike anyone else: use this to your advantage and build your personal brand from the inside out. (Of course, if you’re rude, inappropriate and obnoxious, being yourself could kill your brand – and rightly so.)

Perhaps you might try injecting some humor into your communications, or maybe you’ll invite your connections to suggest songs for your weekly playlist. It needn’t always be work related.

Hopefully you have certain hobbies or interests outside of recruitment that you can share within your posts too. This will help to promote you as a person, rather than a job title.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on the path to success. Remember, people do business with people they like.

With the right reputation and a powerful personal brand, you should soon be flooded with connection requests and a loyal following of both clients and candidates.

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