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Recruiter movie? – 6 movies to watch for the sales & recruitment industry.

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Recruiter movie? - 6 movies to watch for the sales & recruitment industry

Seeking some recruitment inspiration this week, or simply fancy a night in with a story-on-screen that you can relate to?

Check out these 6 recruiter movies that should definitely be on your must-watch list if you are a recruiter or headhunter.

#1 – The Wolf of Wall Street:

Plot: Leonardo Dicaprio plays an NY stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Who goes from selling penny stocks and living the high, yet righteous life. To launching Stratton Oakmont. An investment company involved in money laundering, corruption, and security fraud.

Lessons: Behind Belfort’s unimaginable wealth and widespread success is a burning passion for sales. A tight-knit workplace consisting of competitive employees. And the power of networking with the right people at the right time.

He doesn’t shy away from publicly celebrating his team’s achievements. Incentivizing the work they put in, and motivating them to “create urgency” to close a sales a transaction.

By establishing trust and building camaraderie with his team. Belfort is able to create an extremely fraternal culture in his office. Where employees have strong relationships both inside and outside of work. Result?

People working for him are not only loyal. But also have a higher willingness to make sacrifices for the company (…and refer their friends!).

#2 – Pursuit of Happiness:

Plot: Will Smith plays Chris Gardner. Who struggles with homelessness and unemployment while trying to provide for his family of three.

Lessons: Throughout the movie, you notice Gardner struggling to make ends meet. Whether he’s sleeping at a subway station with his son or making countless cold calls to no avail at the brokerage firm. Where he’s an unpaid intern.

Despite his circumstances, he never gives up and sees every day as a new opportunity to persevere. When he turns up at an interview shirtless, he decides to make the most of the situation. And win his prospective employers over with his wit and presence of mind.

The sheer persistence & desire to close every opportunity is part and parcel of being a recruiter. Let’s face it, we face no shortage of rejection day-to-day.

#3 – Tommy Boy:

Plot: When his father passes away leaving his auto parts company behind. Tommy Boy must sell 500,000 brake pads to save the business and become an effective salesman in the process.

Lessons: What makes Tommy Boy stand out is that he firmly believes in the quality of the product he’s selling. Which clearly shows in every sales pitch he makes.

He’s straightforward, passionate, and a quick learner. When he fails to impress clients and close any deals. He actively changes his selling style, instead of simply following his father’s footsteps.

The movie also emphasizes the importance of having a well-meaning mentor by your side. Lastly, Tommy Boy is rejected numerous times and chooses to keep adapting his sales pitch to suit his customers.

#4 – Glengarry Glen Ross:

Plot: Four desperate real-estate salesmen are told that only two of them will keep their job at the end of the month by their company.

In an attempt to save themselves from the shackles of unemployment, they set out on a journey of closing as many deals as they can.

Lessons: Instead of taking the approach of ‘Always Be Closing’ (ABC). Understand the common concerns, questions, and doubts that your prospective customers have.

Getting a good read on people you’re selling to is the most important aspect of closing a deal. Alec Baldwin proposes an alternative approach to his sales representative. Called AIDA. That stands for attention, interest, decision, and action.

Get your customer’s attention, gauge their interest in your product or service, guide them to make a positive decision. And provide an actionable response to their closing questions.

#5 – Moneyball:

Plot: Brad Pitt plays Billie Beane, Manager of Oakland Athletics. Reinvents selection methods, by creating a winning Baseball team using the sabermetric model.

Lessons: Midway through Moneyball. Billie Beane lets some of his best players go, after realizing that he has a ‘culture’ issue in his clubhouse.

The takeaway here is simple. Even with top-notch employees, you’re still susceptible to failure if your organization has a toxic culture of laziness, gossip, negativity and blaming.

He also gets a Yale graduate ‘stats’ Guru onboard. Because everything is a number game, from the market you’re into the audience you have. Know your key metrics and track them accordingly to ensure steady growth. 

#6 – A Family Man:

Plot: A headhunter whose life revolves around closing deals in a survival-of-the-fittest boiler room. Battles his top rival for control of their job placement company. His dream of owning the company clashing with the needs of his family.

Lessons: At first this film made me ashamed to associate myself with being a recruiter. To the point where I didn’t want to put it in this blog as a recommended recruiter movie.

But if you have also watched it you would agree (I hope).  There are some elements of truth behind the film. But the most important lesson for me is never put your commission before the well being of a candidates livelihood.

You make a quick unethical buck but it will come back and haunt you. Watching this film from a recruiter’s perspective you can learn how not to act as a recruiter or headhunter.

We hope you’re in for an evening of feeling inspired by these movies. And ready to tackle any sales or recruitment issue that pops up next at your workplace.

Did we miss out any favorite classics? Let us know!

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