Recruiterly Explained: Building Your Personal Brand

Why should I build a personal brand and share content on Recruiterly?

Recruiters that invest small amounts of time into their personal brand will rise above those who don’t, simple.  Our aim is to provide you the tools to create a positive perception of you as a recruitment professional to secure interest and loyalty from outsiders.

We want outsiders looking at your profile to choose you, because:

  1. You are an expert recruiter in the industry you work in that has up to date knowledge and expertise that a client or candidate should expect when dealing with an expert!
  2. You are a good human being NOT the “untrustworthy sales person” persona that is unfairly attached to recruiters due to a very small minority of “un-professionals” in our industry.

But how am I going to have time to build a brand? 

When we first started developing Recruiterly we were working as recruiters and we knew we wanted the ability to post and share to be super simple so recruiters can share any content, anywhere and anytime.

Part of the arsenal of tools that a free Recruitely profile comes with is our social scheduler tool. To find out more, check out our blog post explaining the tool and how you can automate your brand building in more detail: Recruiterly Explained: Social Scheduler Tool.

Do I post pictures of my friends and I? Or work related only?

There is a fine blend of mixing personal and professional content, as I know images of you and your dog dressed up as Yoda posted on LinkedIn does not all ways get the best reception, but we don’t have any guidelines (we would prefer if you did not upset or offend someone else, please see our Terms of Use if you need further info).

People enjoy communicating with other people, especially those with common interests.  So, why not let people know that you are a giants fan or you have a wiener dog called 2Pac, whatever makes up you, it is your brand.

Who can see my content?

You decide! You can keep things private or share with the world. Check out your options below:

  • Posted publicly on your Recruiterly profile.
  • Across your social profiles that you have connected to Recruiterly.
  • Private news feed for you and your colleagues connected by the Social Community Tool.
  • All of the above!

So let’s get you started with the basics; lets navigate to the Feed Page on your profile:

Feed Filtering: Now that you are here at the Feed Page there are two filters you can add to your feed which can be applied by the two tabs at the top of the page.

All Posts: This will display everything that you have posted, activity from people you are following on Recruiterly and posts from your colleagues that you are connected to.

Company: Applying this filter will only show posts that you have chosen to post to “Company Only” selection and any activity from the recruitment company you are connected to on Recruiterly via the Social Community Tool will also display here.

How do I know if I am connected to my current employer’s social community?

At the top right of this page there is a box that will have your recruitment / staffing agencies name and logo (if uploaded) and some profile head shots of some colleagues.

If this is not your currently employer, this is easy to change: Go to “Settings” on the collapsible menu on your left and scroll down to “New Company / Branch Name” and select your correct employer.

Can I join any recruitment agency / company page to see what they are doing?

No, you will have to be approved by either the community manager or another colleague in the community.  See the blog post Recruiterly Explained: Social Community Tool

Let’s go through each of the buttons at the top of your feed as below, which are fairly self-explanatory, but I recommend going through my quick guide below so nail any posts you want to do later.

Each button has a very different function, but they have one part in common which is “Post Settings” which will appear at the bottom of each pop-up box.   Click “Post Settings” and you will be given two options;

  1. Public – Anyone on or off Recruiterly. Your post will only be shared on your recruiterly profile and to the social accounts you have connected and at the times and dates you have selected via the Social Scheduler Tool.
  2. Company – Anyone in your company. Your post will be shared only to your colleagues who are connected via the Recruiterly Social Community Tool on your Company Feed, please read our blog post  Recruiterly Explained: Recruiterly Social Community Tool to understand the workings of your company feed.

Text: Share your own micro blog or industry update, the description of a candidate you are looking for or a job you are trying to fill that you need help with.  Headline will be at the top of your post and the box underneath is for the body of the post.

Photo: You have two methods of uploading an image, the box on your left is for you to upload an image from your computer, cloud, etc.   The box on the right is for you to upload the image via a URL.

Quote: Who in recruitment doesn’t love a good quote?! Inspire your colleagues and network in a few clicks.  Drop in your favorite quote of the day, note the source (if you wrote it YOU are the source!), choose an awesome background(none, green, purple or orange options available at this time), choose the posts location, then post.

Link: This is an easy way to share an article, blog post, industry update, new project details – whatever you want to share with your network to help build your brand, just drop in the URL, click “Preview” to make sure you have the right article, then share!

Video: Similar as photos, you have two methods of uploading video, the box on your left is for you to upload from your computer or cloud drive.   The box on the right is so you can upload the image via a URL.

Feed Activity: Commenting, Likes, Tagging, Editing, Deleting & Sharing.

This part should be fairly straight forward, you can comment, like or share on anyone’s post on Recruiterly…. be nice, be productive.  If you made an error on a post you can edit or delete any activity on your feed by using the three dots menu in the top right hand corner of the box containing the post.

Alert: Tagging colleagues in posts will be coming soon watch this space!

Can my competition see what I am posting? 

Yes it is a public profile and feed.  If the post is private, keep it private and post to your Company Feed only.

How do I know who is following me or who I am following? 

Navigate back to the top of the page and just below your beautiful profile photo you will see a summary of your activity; Rating, No of Placements, Followers & Following.

Click on either “Following” or “Followers” and this will take you to a list filtered by followers and following.  You can click the blue button to “follow” or click again to un-follow.

You should now be ready to start building your recruiter brand!  However, if you are still not comfortable or need some parts explained further don’t hesitate to get in contact we love talking to Recruiterly users and are happy to answer any immediate questions you may have via the in-app chat bot.

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