Recruiterly Explained: Reputation Management Tool

How do you leverage your placement history to win more work and attract the top candidates? Easy:

Here at Recruiterly, we have built a free-to-use reputation management tool specifically designed for recruiters, so you can easily capture and leverage reviews from your previous happy customers.

I have to provide confidential placement information?

You are in complete control of the information that you request and share on your profile reviews, a review can simply have a job title, industry and location.  

Why get reviewed?

94% of B2B purchases the buyer will research prior to contacting the seller and 50% of all those buyers will read an online review before making the decision.

Sounds like a lot of time and effort?

Not at all; Recruiterly does the hard work for you, all you need to do is tell us some basic information about your client and candidate and we do the rest. 

What if the placement was months or years ago? 

This is a perfect scenario!  Time to get back in contact with the candidate and client and refresh the memory of your awesome service.

Let’s get started:

Using the reputation manager tool is easy, lets navigate from your Recruiterly dashboard to where you can add your first placement review request.

Add the basic details of your placement including position title, date and location. 


Now you can add the details of the candidates salary…. WHAT? 

Don’t worry you can choose whether this information in this section is public or private by toggling between “Visible to the Public” (green) or “Hidden from the Public” (grey).

Adding more detail will help Recruiterly match and connect you with clients and candidates that match your recruiting experience. 

E.g. Showing the seniority of the placement will help showcase your experience recruiting candidates at different levels e.g. entry, mid or senior. 

Again, this is your choice whether you display this information by using the toggle.

Employer Details Tab:

Now add the company name and select how much information you want to request from your client.

Candidate Details Tab: 

Now add your candidate name and select how much information you want to request from your client.

The final bit of information needed from you is adding your client and candidates email address so we can contact and collect your reviews via our unique, discreet and confidential review request.

Tip: Don’t forget to click the green button “Save and Exit”, top right of your screen.

Recruiterly Explained: Reputation Management Tool


What happens now?

Save and exit, your review will move into the “Reviews” tab on the left and will have a “Pending” status. 

As soon as the pending review is received from either candidate or client the review will be displayed with the review and rating received. 

What happens if I receive a bad review?

If Recruiterly receives a rating and review that is below platform standard we will notify and contact the recruiter offering the opportunity to rectify any issues relating to the placement.

Why should I care about my rating?

Each rating and review you receive will increase your Recruiterly Rating that is displayed on your profile, the better your rating the more visible and attractive your profile becomes to new clients and candidates. 

More reviews = better ratings = more work.

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