Recruiters Vs Robots!

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This is a regular topic that we all read on social media which could have the “average joe” quite concerned that a recruitment version of Terminators Skynet is about to set upon us.

I can imagine the T-1000 ripping through my reception, un-hooking phone lines with its liquid metal arms, whilst Sara Connor (the office manager) is trying to blast holes in the robot’s chest as the other office workers are scrambling out the door through a rain cloud of burnt CV’s desperately trying to save their favorite coffee mugs and smartphones.

Fortunately, this will not be a reality in my lifetime, I hope.

Can I see Silicon Valley finally coding the solution to make millions of recruiters redundant?

I very much doubt it.

My recommendation to a recruiter is to future proof yourself by testing as many available tools available as you can to see what works and what you can add to your arsenal.  I can assure you this is a much better way to spend your weekends rather than preparing for a war with robots.

Social Sourcing Applications: If Recruiters do not adopt social sourcing applications/platforms, that find a new candidate from your own networks, you will and should fail, if you are happy to pay 1000 USD for a new smartphone, then please spend 20 or 30 bucks a month on some of the latest sourcing products.

New Mass Advertising Platforms: I read a comment on LinkedIn from a Recruiter stating proudly that they do not use job boards anymore…..If you have a channel available to you, then use it, end of.  There are several companies that you can upload a job advert relatively quickly and it the platform will post to tens of thousands of job boards, all with one click of the button, again – invest in a nominal monthly subscription and it will return its investment; candidates, referrals, branding, etc.

What do industry influencers have to say?  

I spoke with two of recruitments leading social influencers and I asked them to share some of their view;

Keeping Candidates Updated: 

“I do think it’s the little things that people can do like there is nothing worse than a candidate feeling like they have gone into a black hole of the recruitment process, all candidates deserve a response.  Now recruiters will say, “you are crazy man, you can’t do that” – of course you can that’s exactly what technology is designed to do.  I can automate any single message by any single action – I can do that in my CRM if I want to, don’t tell me that you can’t at least do this”

Adopt & Change: 

“Well I think it’s going to be heavily AI laden, I mean I think you are going to automate or be able to automate everything from sourcing to preliminary screening to preliminary qualification.  But what that means is that the recruiter then needs to take a much more qualitative role in building, nurturing, enhancing the relationship with that candidate, whether it was a candidate today or down the road, because that is the one thing that a piece of AI cannot do.”

Try, Test & Adopt what works. 

Did Sarah Connor go to war with one weapon?? No, she acquired multiple weapons and then they kept trying until they beat Skynet…. So, don’t be the one that states “I am an old-school Recruiter, I just get on the phone”, this is a tried and proven method and will always play a part in a recruiter’s day, but my recommendation is to try something new and invest time in trying a few tools out (most of these come with a free trial period, so no excuse), learning and connecting with a new candidate or client is the worst that will happen I promise.

Adopters, please share with me technology tools that have helped your recruitment life?

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