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Recruitment is rarely as simple as matching talent to a vacancy. Between the sourcing and securing comes a whole wave of unique challenges and pitfalls waiting to trip you up.

Whether you’re growing your business or building your profile as a recruitment consultant, there are certain points you may want to consider.

So, we’ve put our heads together to share top tips, useful tidbits and trade secrets for talent sourcing professionals.

No# 1 – Don’t doubt digital marketing

Recruiters have been dipping their feet in lakes of marketing for decades now.

New roles are your product and shifting them can often require something a little more elaborate than word of mouth.

As an employer, the same rule applies: it isn’t enough to simply post a job ad and wait for the applications to roll in.

Developing an attractive online presence enhances your credibility, be it through social media, Search Engine Optimization or paid ads.

Simply put, if you aren’t promoting yourself (and your vacancies) to your audience, your competitors will be all too happy to hog the limelight.

No# 2 – Get social

One mistake that both employers and recruiters alike are guilty of is creating a social media profile and leaving it to collect dust.

While your social channels should act like the store-front of your business or recruiter brand, you can’t expect results from radio silence.

Take advantage of popular platforms to engage with your audience, share useful content and start conversations.

No# 3 – Look beyond LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been hailed as the be all and end all for talent acquisition professionals, but a heavy reliance on this tool could be to the detriment of your success.

Sure, it has its place in the process, but by focusing on one single talent pool, you cut yourself off to an ocean of potential rockstars.

Recruiting Tips from Recruiterly

No# 4 – Build the brand

Now more than ever, candidates are concerned with the reputation of the company they join over the perks they present in their ads.

Before making an application, they’ll undoubtedly be scouring sites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn for any trace of a bad omen.

As an employer, you’ll want the best prospects seeking you out because they respect and want to work for your brand. Consider your employee practices for retention, rewards and recognition, as well as learning and development, flexibility and promotion opportunities.

These are your key areas of focus for becoming an employer of choice.

No#5 – Live the brand

Lost in a haze of marketing meetings, business leaders can be too quick to assume their employer brand can be built by adding pretty pictures and welcoming words to their website.

All the while, dissatisfied staff leave the company ready to spread the news about their negative experience.

If employers are to start attracting a high calibre of candidates, they must sing from the same hymn sheet as their marketing collateral.

Culture, working environment, values and office dynamics each play a hand in shaping the employee experience, so don’t stop once the candidate is through the door.

No# 6 – Relationship management

In a time where people are struggling to communicate conventionally, this presents the perfect opportunity for recruiters to show off their social prowess and create relationships that last.

Getting off to a good start and informing job hunters they have got the gig are two of the most glamorous moments of the recruitment-employment lifestyle – but so much interaction happens in between.

Strike up a good relationship with a broad pool of prospects and you will be able to reap the rewards of return business further down the line.

No# 7 – Automate to speculate

While it’s clear that robots will never replace recruiters, they certainly make tremendous allies against the monotony of administrative daily tasks.

A growing trend throughout all industries, automation rewards the initial outlay by giving people the most important asset in the world – time.

Sending follow up e-mails, setting reminders and even answering simple queries can all be solved by investment in some simple artificial intelligence.

But don’t jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it: remember, automation is here to help, but it will never be the silver bullet solution to talent acquisition.

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