The need to scale employer branding has never been greater

As the talent war heats up and the competitive climate grows fiercer by the day, businesses seeking to expand their workforce face one common challenge: boosting their employer brand to attract the cream of the crop. According to Harvard Business Review, employer branding is becoming strategically more important to CEOs and HR and marketing leaders with a third looking to build their global employer brand by 2020.

While some leaders have turned to office design to wow the younger generations with avant-garde furniture and social spaces, others have given their website a fresh lick of paint and added a page to promote their values. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix solution to creating an impeccable reputation: it comes with time and effort. However, if you are to secure top tier talent for your company, there’s no time to waste.

It’s what’s inside that counts

In a bid to shake-off their reputation as “traditional, large and not fast-moving”, global conglomerate Siemens have begun plotting their path to an attractive employer brand. According to Rosa Riera, vice president of employer branding and social innovation, it’s what’s inside that counts. She believes it’s an employee-first and “super personalized” approach that helps the business to grow long-term:

“By focusing so much on our employees, we know they talk to their friends and family so this is an important element that we find incredibly relevant,” she says, and she’s not wrong. While the visual expression of the brand is critical in communicating to your message to the world, your reputation relies on the truth behind the image. If your efforts so far have been focused on appearance but your staff turnover rate leaves a lot to be desired, candidates will quickly see through it.


The need for scaling employer branding

Defining your message

If you’re stumbling in the dark trying to determine what your employer branding is, try not to get caught up with aesthetic and instead consider your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Your EVP is what attracted employees to work for your company in the first place and what makes them turn up every day and give 100%. Of course, it differs for every company – for example, you may be a champion in diversity, foster a flexible working approach or perhaps you’ve raised awareness of well-being in the workplace.

In order to determine your EVP, it might be an idea to conduct a staff-wide survey, asking your employees to rank your performance as an employer in certain categories. While you’re at it, request that employees highlight areas that could be improved. This will be critical in increasing retention and shaping your brand.

Engaging your audience 

While social media provides the perfect platform to build awareness of your employer brand and position your company in front of potential candidates, those looking to cut through the noise and gain the edge over their competitors should consider new routes to engagement. In their mission to rebrand their employer reputation, Siemens have produced various Virtual Reality documentaries that provides an insight into the people behind the company, which can be accessed via an app.

“We use VR because it is very immersive so it creates intimacy and we wanted to invite people to experience what it’s like to work at Siemens,” Riera explains.

“VR and AR are still technologies that a lot of people haven’t experienced yet, so being able to play with them at home also grows the interest in the brand.”

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