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The Recruiter Playbook: How to Attract More Clients

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How to attract more clients for your staffing agency - Recruiterly Blog

For a recruiter, the art of attracting new clients is a delicate balancing act.

Just like all businesses, they rely on a steady stream of work from their customers. Luckily, the need for new talent is universal – but that doesn’t mean the competition for external staffing support isn’t fierce.

If that wasn’t enough, recruiters must also nurture a thriving candidate network; they must work both sides to bring the right people together. With their time constantly split between two equally important markets, the prospect of bringing new clients on board becomes daunting to say the least.

The good news? Attracting new clients is more achievable than you might think. Whether you’ve recently kickstarted your career in recruitment or are a well-seasoned professional seeking industry secrets to increase your earnings, the following guide should set you on path.

Switch on your sales mindset

Successful recruiters make for the finest, most tenacious salespeople. Why?

Because a sales-oriented approach is essential in overcoming the obstacles that will stand in your way.

Your hunger for new business must be unrelenting and unfazed by set-backs such as counter-offers, no-shows and last-minute turndowns.

As a recruiter, objections and rejections will become a part of your daily routine – but it’s not all doom and gloom. All you need is a sales process you can rely on.

Identify your best business

Unsure of how to create a reliable sales process? It starts here. For those with a bit of experience under their belts, identifying your most profitable clients over the past two years will help to determine the kind of businesses you should be targeting.

Begin by defining their criteria, e.g. size of the company/entity, geographic location, industry,
buyer demographics such as title, age, gender, educational level. From here, you can further identify more client leads with a similar profile.

Know your numbers

Once you have defined your target customer, it’s a good time to assess the results from previous marketing/sales efforts – after all, what can’t be measured doesn’t count, and the only way to improve your performance is to track your progress and learn from failure.

Ask yourself certain questions and ensure you have the stats to back them up, for example: how many contacts result in a meeting? How many meetings result in a contract? What is your exact closing ratio?

Gaining a good understanding of your current stats will enable you to set your starting point and chart a course to success – or, in other words, a robust sales process you can tweak and improve along the way.

Promote tangible benefits

Business leaders and hiring managers alike respond to empirical evidence of success; they don’t want to read flimsy statements they can’t relate to. If you are to attract new clients, you must present value above the competition.

Case studies and testimonials are a great way to showcase the real-life, business benefits of using your service. Headlines could include “how I helped company X to save time and money” but try to fill in the blanks with figures from your previous client wins.

Dare to be different

Are you a talented recruiter who can help businesses secure the
best candidates? Well, sorry to say, you’re one of thousands. Hundreds of thousands, even.

What will make businesses favor you above the competition? How will they even remember your offering against the others? It’s simple: you must actively work to stand out.

Remember, that doesn’t mean being controversial for the sake of getting noticed – it just requires you to build a strong personal brand.

Rather than the cold, corporate recruiter bot, be human and be humorous – that way, clients will know exactly who you are and feel comfortable reaching out.

Help your prospective clients

The best way to establish relationships with prospective clients is to help them before they’ve paid you to do so. Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you stay up all night every night sourcing candidates you think would match their culture without even having a conversation.

However, useful insights into the job market will certainly not go unnoticed.

Consider this when sending an email campaign or browsing social media: is there any advice you could give your clients in regards to their search?

Let it act as a taste of what’s to come should they choose to work with you – most will bite, and those who don’t may just take a little more nurturing.

Take every chance to network

Networking is the bread and butter for recruiters on the hunt for more clients.

However, while attending as many conferences, exhibitions, workshops and talks is essential in broadening your professional network, don’t forget that opportunities can often arise spontaneously.

You could be waiting at the airport, dining out or even at a friend’s wedding: a new client could be waiting around the corner.

What starts as a casual conversation can occasionally evolve into a new professional relationship and before you know it, you’re swapping cards with a prospective client you would have otherwise overlooked.

Gain digital exposure

As well as building your profile within particular industries through face-to-face meetings and networking events,

it’s hard to deny the power that online presence has in influencing purchasing decisions in 2018. Your aim is to be everywhere: appearing in relevant discussions with insightful comments, popping up across all social media platforms with your unique personal brand, giving advice in quick auto-play videos reminding businesses of the value you add to recruitment.

Never make the mistake of thinking the internet is sick of you: unless you’re taking up space to talk about yourself, there’s no such thing as too much exposure.

Gather recruiting referrals

As well as increasing their earnings through sales and marketing techniques, every recruiter should
be tapping into their current client-base to gather recruiting referrals.

By offering a discount on a future order, recruiters give businesses an incentive to recommend their services to another company. It may not exactly be a cutting-edge method, but it’s certainly a tried and tested technique worth exploring if you haven’t already.

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