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The Top 5 ATS’s for SME’s – With A Free Tier.

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The Top 5 ATS's for SME's - With A Free Tier

I have reviewed 5 ATS’s that have a free tier but still provide excellent features and value for recruitment businesses. If you are a start-up or a medium-size company that wants organization in your recruiting life.

And wants to upgrade your systems to a better ATS without having to take out a mortgage. Here’s a look at the top five options on the market today.

#1 – RecruitBPM

This all-in-one solution is perfectly suited for medium and small recruiting agencies who want the convenience of everything being in one place.

You can get started for free and take advantage of multiple features. Including the in-dashboard reports to social recruiting, customized access, and the career portal.

Thanks to the recruitment tools that are built right into the friendly user interface. RecruitBPM may soon become your go-to for sourcing and tracking applicants throughout the entire process.

The free tier has plenty of valuable features but, when it comes time, you can also upgrade to Premium for just $39.00 per month.

#2 – Workable

Workable is extremely easy to use and it’s easy on the eyes thanks to its light, intuitive design. With Workable, you can keep a complete record for each and every job candidate who you have ever sourced or interviewed at your company.

You can search a database of present and past candidates in an instant. Viewing their profiles, resumes, social media accounts, and hiring team feedback all together.

Recruiting analytics will help you make data driven decisions about the candidates you choose. And the free starter tier will get you into the platform with ease. Although the free tier is limited, you can become a pay-as-you-go member to take things to the next level.

#3 – Breezy HR

You have probably heard about Breezy if you have spent any time looking for a recruitment software. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, the great thing about Breezy is that it will grow with you. Scaling seamlessly to fit your needs.

The Bootstrap plan includes one active position, one active candidate pool, and countless features. Such as resume parsing, branded career pages, interview self-scheduling and sourcing extensions. And integrated compliance measures for Privacy Laws.

When it comes time to upgrade, you can do it in a click!

#4 – Zoho

Zoho’s recruiting software includes a Forever Free plan that enables you to take advantage of multiple features. Such as candidate management, email management, client & contact management, and interview scheduling.

You’ll also get free 24/7 support from the Zoho team in case you run into any issues.

With Zoho Recruit, you’ll be able to move from one end of the recruiting process to the other in a snap. The full-fledged ATS will help you find the right hire without any delay. By managing your job openings, resumes, and candidates in one easy place.

#5 – iKrut

With paid tiers starting in the hundreds, it is impressive just how much iKrut offers for free!

With unlimited jobs and applications as a free user. You’ll also enjoy the ability to post to your social networks, analyze results through basic reporting, schedule interviews online, brand your careers website, and so much more.

iKrut is definitely worth checking out with the free tier being suitable for both small and medium agencies straight out of the box.

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