The Ultimate 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

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Being a recruiter can be difficult and time-consuming. You’re expected to act fast, while still handling sourcing and recruiting smoothly and effectively. Browser extensions are often the most efficient way of kickstarting your efforts. They allow you to automate parts of your workflow without having to switch tabs or distract your efforts.  Here are 5 chrome extensions for recruiters that can help you dominate recruiting.

5 Chrome Extension for Recruiters is a free extension that let’s you reveal any profile, anywhere. It works across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Prophet, etc. – if you find a prospect, will instantly reveal them. It’s also fantastic for finding mutual connections with a prospect, so you know how to get a warm introduction.

2 5 Chrome Extension for Recruiters

Prophet is an extension that helps you find information about your candidates with  limited information. If you only have an email of your candidate, Prophet generates the most likely email combination based on results of advanced search and then shows websites and social media profiles of your candidates. Pair this with discovery tools like and you can prospect and generate a lead list of candidates incredibly easily.

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Boomerang is an extremely powerful extension that increases your productivity on Gmail. It allows you to send emails later, track when your email has been opened & schedule entire campaigns.

5 Ultimate Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters

You can schedule messages to be sent and get an alert if you don’t get a reply to a message. Combined with prospecting tools, you can automate your entire outreach process.

5 Chrome Extension for Recruiters

Gorgias is a helpdesk platform that offers free Chrome extension with which you can create and save your own email templates, allowing you to write emails faster. You have custom keyboard shortcuts that trigger different templates and you can personalize your communications without starting from scratch every time.

5 Chrome Extension for Recruiters

DataMiner Scraper is a data extraction tool that lets you harvest emails or any other text from webpages and export them into Excel or Sheets. You can extract contact information from social media profiles and website directories to build large lists of potential prospects (which you can then enrich using Prophet, as mentioned above).

Do note: it’s important to only scrape details of people who are job hunting and never spam – be aware of regulations in your area for cold emailing.

That’s it! There’s a whole host of other Chrome extensions that a savvy recruiter can use to kick-start their efforts. Use these 5 as a starting point and build your own powerful workflows and recruit faster.

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