Why 2018 will be THE year for Recruitment Technology

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We all have access to technology at the end of our finger tips, we can access the internet wherever we are, 24 hours of the day and use technology for almost everything in our lives, from shopping, to business, to dating, keeping in touch with friends and family, so why would recruiting and the hiring process be any different?

We’ve already seen technology change the way recruitment partners source and network with candidates and clients and with the use of big data we can help recruitment partners, hiring managers and candidates come together and use technology to help understand each other’s needs more efficiently and effectively.

With the recruitment sector continuously growing, there is a space in the market for recruitment partners to leverage technology, to help shape strategy and help hiring managers make the right decisions the first time, saving them both time and money. Successful RecTech platforms will make the lives of all the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process faster and easier.

Recruitment Technology is already being used by recruitment partners to identify jobs, source candidate CVs, carry out background and screening checks, as well as interviewing candidates.

With the recruitment industry’s reputation somewhat broken, RecTech, including live chat functionality on websites and social media can help with the previously ‘poor’ communication and reduce the barrier of communication between the candidate, client and the recruitment partner. It can also provide more data and information that can be used to meet the needs of the customer, helping to rebuild the trust and the reputation of the recruitment partner.

Leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn will help recruiters network with a larger pool of talented candidates, as well as receiving referrals and recommendations from others. Other social media platforms such as Facebook are continuously developing and changing, more and more friends and family are reaching out to their connections to find and recommend jobs, if you’re not on Facebook then people can’t easily share your information. It also provides businesses with the opportunity to give candidates an insight into the culture and personality of the company, raising awareness and the reputation of your brand.

The drive behind the RecTech revolution 

70% of job seekers use smartphones to search for a job, this shows the need for a recruitment app that candidates can download on their smartphones and access jobs at the touch of a button, as well as being sent information and jobs that match the candidates’ skills and experience.

More and more recruitment partners are using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to improve the client and candidate experience, as well as developing the perception of the brand. “Research from Bullhorn revealed that the adoption of CRM platforms has been very high in 2017, with 68% using it to manage sales and 78% to track candidate activity.”

This figure is predicted to rise in 2018 with the recruitment industry recognising that they need to fix the reputation of the sector, being able to streamline processes, as well as gaining a competitive advantage.

Maybe you’ve been thinking of embracing the RecTech revolution for a while, but if you want to get ahead of the competition in an ever-growing industry, position your business as an industry leader, as well as improving the reputation of your brand, 2018 is the year for RecTech.

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