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Popular Recruiterly Questions

What is Recruiterly?

Recruiterly is a place for recruiters to become more successful and hiring companies to engage with the best expert recruiters globally.

What is a reputation management tool?

Recruiters can gain confidentially and discreetly collect reviews and rating from successful placements they have made between a client and a candidate.

What is a recruiter profile?

A recruiter profile is an SEO friendly searchable page that is unique to the recruiter that provides the recruiter with branding, reputation and marketing tools.

How do I get rated or reviewed on Recruiterly?

Recuiters add any placement information they wish to disclose and Recruiterly discreetly gains a rating and review for each placement from client and candidate and displays the rating and review on the recruiters profile.

Why do I want a Recruiterly review or rating?

94% of B2B buyers research online before making a purchasing decision and close to 50% of those read online ratings and reviews.  Recruiters with ratings and reviews will be more attractive to clients and candidates that are looking to engage a recruiter.

As a recruiter do I have to pay to join Recruiterly?

Recruiters can join and create a profile for free and get access to multiple tools also completely free.  Lite & Premium package are on a cancel anytime monthly subscription.

As a company looking to use a recruiter do I have to pay?

Employers can use Recruiterly to connect with recruiters completely for free, however should you wish to hire a candidate who has been introduced to you by that recruiter, you will be required to pay that recruiter as per their own company terms and conditions.

What if I get a bad rating?

If a candidate or a client submits a below par rating we will notify the recruiter prior to posting the review on their profile, giving the recruiter the opportunity to rectify.

Why should a recruiter join Recruiterly now when it’s so new?

Recruiterly is new and you will become an early adopter on a platform that has a mission of improving your industry helping good recruiters to get more work.

I have signed up, what do I do next?

Awesome!  You have created a recruiter profile, now please navigate your way around Recruiterly, using the collapsible bar on the left of your screen.  Each new page will contain some direction and top tips via our helper bot, any further questions you can reach the co-founders via the chat bot.

Is my profile private? Who will see it?

Your profile is public and searchable enabling new clients and candidates to find you, easily.

How do I delete my profile?

Easy send us an email to: and we will action this for you.

Will my candidate information get shown publicly?

The review on your public profile will only display what you choose to.  This is all managed through the easy to use reputation management tool.

Will my client information get shown publicly?

The review on your public profile will only display what you choose to.  This is all managed through the easy to use reputation management tool.

How do I increase my rating?

Adding reviews, expertise and profile activity all contribute towards the rating.

Can I downgrade my account after I upgrade?

Yes of course, just please get in contact via customer support and we will downgrade.

How do I change any of my personal details?

Easy, just go to “Settings” tab on the left hand side of the screen.

How do I sign up for a free profile only?

Having a recruiter profile is free, you only pay if you upgrade.

Do I have to give credit card details?

No, not for a free account.  If a recruiter wants to upgrade or use the marketplace then credit card details are taken from our third party supplier Stripe.  Please refer to our terms of use for full details here.

How do I see who's following me?

Just click on your ‘followers’ when viewing your own profile.

What is an SEO friendly profile?

Recruiterlys profiles are public and optimized for search engines to find you, which means, clients and candidates can find you!

When will clients and candidates start to contact me?

As soon as your profile is registered anyone can search and find you and be able to find your profile.

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