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Popular Questions

Do I have to pay Recruiterly?

No, Recruiterly is completely free to join, connect and work with recruitment professionals who are assisting you with a new career opportunity.

What if the recruiter or headhunter I want to work with is not on the platform?

Easy, please provide  Recruiterly with their contact details and we will reach out to them directly and notify you once we have verified their account.

Can I connect directly with employers rather than recruiters and headhunters?

There are no direct applications to employers. Recruiterly connects you directly with rated and reviewed recruiters and headhunters who work for an agency or search firm or other third party recruitment business. These recruiters and headhunters can provide you access to multiple job opportunities from multiple different companies, and they will help coach and guide you through the hiring processes. 

Will I get 100’s of calls from recruiters if I go on a recruiter platform?

You profile is private, and not seen by the recruiter or headhunter until we match you. No other recruiter or headhunter will see your profile unless you request Recruiterly to re-match you.

If a recruiter or headhunter on Recruiterly finds me a new job, do I have to pay?

You not be charged by Recruiterly or by any of the recruiters or headhunters on Recruiterly, if you ever get asked to pay, please report to us immediately.

Do I have to be a senior executive for a recruiter or headhunter to be interested in helping me find a job?

Not at all, Recruiterly is built to match you with a relevant recruiter or headhunter that works in your industry, location and recruits for professionals at your level.

What people are saying

Trying to track down the right recruiters has been my biggest headache. I want to work with the right groups of recruiters.​

Andy Elwell, Vice President
Inrada Group​
Photo of Andrew Elwell giving a testimonial for Recruiterly

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