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How Does it Work?

We interviewed 100’s of expert recruiters and compiled a super simple on-boarding wizard to ensure you save time & reduce the stress and effort of  your job search.

Completing our wizard ensures:

  • You save time, reduce stress and access more career opportunities

  • Recruiter’s instantly understand your expertise & career objectives

  • We have enough information to match you with top Recruiters


Our wizard takes 90 seconds. Ready to find your next career opportunity?

We only match the top 20% of candidate applications, to expert Rated Recruiters.

Expert Recruiters spend years refining their craft and curating relationships with key leadership at the best employers in their industry of specialism.

They spend a heap of time and care on each candidates they work with, so expect to be matched with industry leading talent, each time.

Our talent team review each application. Don’t worry if you are not matched this time, we’ll either help get you into the top 20% or let you know when an expert Recruiter comes available.

We take your unique information from the wizard and use this to match you with Recruiters perfectly suited to you.

Recruiters that you are matched with always have the following:

  • Proven track record & deep networks in with top employers in your industry.
  • Leading skillset in crafting applications to ensure that you are always presented in the best possible way.
  • Experience guiding professionals through the hiring process helping you to perform in interviews.
  • Expertise negotiating the best possible salary package for you.

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Top Recruiters focus every day on connecting amazing employers with amazing talent. And they are experts at it. 

Once you are matched to an expert Recruiter, they will reach out and get to work securing you interviews with your industries leading employers. 

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Reward your Recruiter with a review for helping you secure your exciting new job and we’ll send you $200 USD.

Simply follow these 2 steps:

  • Rate & Review your Recruiter
  • Simply to confirm you found your job via
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Find a Job You Love

Complete our 90 second on-boarding Wizard & our talent team will review your application and match you with an expert Recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We verify and validate each recruiter on Recruiterly who are then reviewed by candidates and clients they have worked with, reducing the chance that you get connected to a bad recruiter. 

No.  Not if you don’t want to.  But the more information you provide the better out matching will be to the right recruiter.

Of course you can, but remember using an expert recruiter, they should have everything covered for you, so give the recruiter a chance to perform for you as your own personal opportunity hunter!

Our recruiters are expert, experienced recruiters that will act with professional conduct.

We connect you with great recruiters, not miracle workers, but they will be honest if they cant help you.

Of course, you can work with as many as you like, however we advise to work with one great recruiter, great recruiters perform best when in a partnership with a candidate, not a race to see who finds you the job first.

Great recruiters will be busy, so please be patient, however if there is no communication whatsoever please get in contact so we can investigate.

Unfortunately not. The recruiters we work with are vetted, proven expert Recruiters who only work with the best employers in your industry. 

These recruiters expect us to only match them with the top 20% of candidates that we have apply through Recruiterly. 

If you are not matched this time, don’t worry. We’ll match you as soon as we have a Recruiter available.

To qualify you must meet the following: 

  • You applied through, we matched you to a Recruiter & that Recruiter found you a job
  • You confirm you successfully found a job and provided a rating and review on with the Recruiter you where matched with.
  • We verify this with the Recruiter & Employer.

Once we confirm you qualify, typically 30 days after you have started employment at your new job. 

We reserve the right to reward you in vouchers, cash or other legally allowable form, which will always equal $200 USD at the time of purchase or transfer.