Personal feeds & company community

Recruiters are great at communicating but sometimes this skill is not applied internally within their staffing agency, which is why we built this feature.

Think of the feed as your staffing agencies private news board where all your team mates anywhere in the world can easily communicate and share activity, whether that is collaborating on a new job you have just picked up, sharing industry information, hot leads and even your latest office night out!

Private & Company Feeds

Your private feeds are the perect way to manage different channels of communication. 

In your personal feed, you can see updates from anyone you follow on Recruiterly, your colleagues, as well as your own personal activities such as new jobs, new reviews and more. 

In your company feed (simply move between them both by clicking the tabs) you will only see posts and updates from your colleagues in your own company. 

Sharing updates and posts between the two feeds is super simple. Just click one of the post types at the top of your feed, and select your preference at the bottom of the pop-up. Either public (post to your profile) or private which only posts to your private company feed. 

Company Directory

The world of recruitment moves at lightening pace, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of staff movements between offices, new joiners and so on. 

The live company directory helps you to browse between each office, follow your colleagues and find out who you should be chatting to. 

Comment, Tag & Collaborate

Being a great recruiter is one of the busiest jobs on the planet!

While you juggle multiple plates, keeping both clients and candidates happy, sometimes picking up the phone to collaborate with a peer in another office just slips your mind. 

We understand, and that’s why we wanted to take company collaboration social. 

The private company feed makes collaboration simple. Simply post on your feed, and even tag your colleagues so your whole company can help and collaborate with you to help place great candidates or find candidates for awesome jobs. 

Perhaps you have a candidate, and a colleague shares a job that would be the perfect fit? Simply comment on their post and start the collaboraton process!

Leaderboards (coming soon)

A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone!

Your company leaderboards encourage friendly competition across your entire organisation. You can compete on key recruiting metrics such as volume of placements, total fee’s generated, top fee’s, best review score and highest number of reviews and more.

You will be able to see your companies top performers globally and within each individual branch. 



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