Recruiter marketing dashboard

This is your central hub to monitor, analyze and improve the traffic that your Recruiterly profile receives. The analytics and graphs are super simple to digest and pleasing on the eye!

Your Recruiterly Profile’s performance in building your online brand, reputation and attracting new clients and candidates is a direct reflection on the amount of activity on your profile.

Your dashboard gives you unique insight into what activities drive the most traffic to your profile and you can easily view your performance improve over time, as you undertake more activities.

We’ll break down each feature of the dashboard below: 

Marketplace Analytics

Marketplace Analytics

The Recruiterly Job Marketplace is coming soon. These analytics will display your fee’s earned as well as your fee pipeline, latest marketplace news and your lead summary data. 

Recruiterly Score

Recruiterly Score Analytics

Our unique Recruiterly Score gives you instant insight into which channels are performing best for you, and which you could improve. A perfect Recruiterly Score means all 4 key areas are being consistently marketed and attracting traffic to your profile. 

Review Summary and Rating Trends

Review Summary and Rating Trend

Here you see your review and rating breakdown, showing your overall score as well as your volume of reviews per star rating and the distribution of reviews between employers and candidates. 

Snapshot trending graph so you can see how your rating score over time. 

Profile Views and Source of Traffic

Profile Views and Traffic Source

Profile views are a direct reflection of all traffic that finds and views your profile. This is an important metric as it shows how much interest there is in potentially working with you as a recruiter. 

Understanding where your traffic comes from is one of hte most valuable metrics, as you can see which channel is performing and which are lagging, so you can double down on what’s working and imporve what’s not. 

Scheduled Social Posts and Job Postings

Scheduled and Job Posts

This is a snapshot of your posts that are being scheduled. Keep an eye on this as the single-most-agreed with tactic in social media marketing is consistency. To become known as the go-to-person for content related to your area of expertise, you should be posting at least every week, if not more. 

We are working hard on an innovative, new way to post jobs. so watch this space. 

Company Analytics

Company Analytics

Company analytics are a snapshot of how well your entire recruitment company is performing. We aggregate data from all recruiters within your company to display this data. 

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