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Recruiterly profiles are the worlds first, recruiter specific profiles engineered specifically to showcase a recruiters expertise enabling the recruiter to stand-out and differentiate in a highly competitive industry.

Profiles have been developed to give the prospect client or candidate a super easy to read snapshot of a recruiters expertise, performance, reviews and posted content.  Helping the profile visitor make a quick but informed decision to pick the right recruiter for their needs.

So make the best impression and differentiate yourself as your industries top recruiter by sharing unique industry insights and building your reputation with ratings and reviews.

Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) means that our profiles are engineered to be found by Google. Why is this important?

Believe it or not, in the US alone there are over 134,000 searches on Google by people actively searching to find a recruiter.

We ensure the unique content on your profile, is searchable by Google, so that you can capture your share of search traffic, resulting in more profile visits, resulting in more clients and candidates visiting your profile.

Expertise Analytics

How do new employers and candidates find expert recruiters when they arrive at Recruiterly? When a new prospect employer or candidate comes to Recruiterly, they will use our search function to search on key parameters, which could include industry, location and the type of position the prospect is either looking to work in or a position they need your help filling.

Adding your expertise analytics is key to make your profile discoverable to your target audiences search. Expertise analytics also helps any new prospect easily glance over your profile and understand what you do and what you are best at to make a quick and informed decision to hire you.

Activity & Content Feed

The recruiters custom built activity feed, is super easy to read feed of your all your activity on Recruiterly. New prospects can visit your profile and can instantly review your latest jobs, reviews, placements, blog posts or any other content you want to share with the world.

Fun fact: professionals that share industry insights, commentary and relevant content are 5x more likely to receive contact from new clients. 

Reputation Management Review Example - Find Top Talent with an Expert Recruiter

92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review, but collecting reviews in recruitment were non-existent.

Finally; a simple, quick, confidential way to collect your customer reviews. Whether that’s a client or a candidate, simply provide us with some basic contact details and we will discreetly collect the review. Top recruiters use their awesome customer feedback to increase their Recruiterly rating and most importantly leverage their reviews to win more work with prospect clients.

Placement History

Whether a recruiters successful placement of a candidate to an employer was today or last year, on or off Recruiterly, you can confidentially add your placement history here.

The more placements you display on your profile the more relevant you will be to a prospect client and candidate that are seeking an expert with a proven track record.

Some of our top recruiters use the review and placement manager as an opportunity to reconnect with old clients and candidates, a perfect way to re-establish an old relationship.

How are the placements verified?

All placements remain as pending status until we receive confirmation and a review from either the client of the candidate that was part of the submitted placement.

This confirmation is discreet and confidential and literally takes seconds to complete, ensuring your customers remain happy customers.

Social Sharing

You can share any of your content on your activity feed as well as any of your including reviews to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (with more coming) manually. Sharing content on a consistent basis is key to creating awareness of your own personal brand. In your Marketing Dashboard you can monitor which channel is most effective at driving more traffic and ultimately leads to your personal profile.

You can alternatively use your Free Auto-Social-Scheduler tool to automate your social media marketing. This takes 1 minute to setup. 


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