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Guide to creating a winning profile:

  • Upload your profile photo
    Recruiters that have a professional photo will get more leads than those that don’t.
  • Add your location and geographical expertise
    Potential clients will use this information to search for recruiters that have experience in their local region.
  • Select your industry & function expertise
    Both job seekers and hiring managers want to work with someone that knows their industry and niche expertise.

    Example: “I am a recruiter based in Austin, Texas that that has experience recruiting mobile app developers within the San Francisco Bay area”

    Location: Austin, Texas
    Geographical expertise: San Francisco Bay Area.
    Industry: Software Development
    Function: iOS, React, Andriod
  • Request reviews from happy customers
    88% of people say that they trust a review as much as a personal recommendation. Boost your Recruiterly Rating with the industries trusted third party recruiter reviews.
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