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Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Description

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The Chief Operating Officer (COO), is typically second-in-command in a company, reporting only to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The COO and CEO are both some of the highest ranking executive positions in a company. On rare occasions the COO might need to report to the board of directors in the Chief Executive Officer’s absence. The seniority of this position makes getting the Chief Operating Officer job description right from the beginning.  

The COO assists the CEO with fundraising and expansion-related activities, and oversees the work and performance of company executives with a focus on optimizing and running day to day operations.

Our job description below includes some of the most important COO responsibilities. Referencing some of these against any applicants for your positions will help you to define qualified candidates for the position.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Job Description Template

Our company is looking to hire a Chief Operating Officer or COO to oversee our company operations and procedures. You will be our organization’s second-in-command, reporting only to our Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

You will be a key member of our senior management team and responsible for ensuring the efficiency of business operations.

The ideal applicant will be an experienced leader. We expect you to have excellent people skills and both written and verbal communication skills.

You will be maintaining control of a wide range of business activities. The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of driving sustainable growth.

Chief Operating Officer Responsibilities

  • Design and implement business operations strategies, plans, and procedures.
  • Oversee operations of the company.
  • Establish policies that promote company vision and culture.
  • Oversee the work of executives from various departments (IT, Sales, Finance, Marketing).
  • Set performance and growth goals.
  • Encourage employees to optimize performance.
  • Evaluate employee performance by analyzing and interpreting metrics and data.
  • Create reports for the CEO.
  • Assist CEO with fundraising.
  • Assist CFO with financial projections.
  • Participate in activities that will result in expansion (investments, corporate alliances, acquisitions).
  • Manage relationships with vendors and partners.
  • Work with the human resources department to develop and implement staffing programs to attract the best applicants and improve employee retention.
  • Collaborate with the CEO on long-term plans for company growth.
  • Act as a mentor to all employees.
  • Motivate staff to meet organizational goals.
  • Control company costs.
  • Monitor invoices, accounting, bank processes, and money-handling procedures.
  • Prepare financial performance reports.
  • Oversee marketing initiatives.
  • Delegate responsibilities.

Chief Operating Officer Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or relevant field; Master’s degree would be an advantage.
  • Proven experience as a Chief Operating Officer or relevant role
  • 15+ years of experience in management.
  • 7+ years of experience in either human resources or staffing
  • Understanding of business functions such as finance, HR, and marketing.
  • Proven experience in strategic planning and business development.
  • Strong decision-making and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent written, oral, and client-facing communication skills.
  • Experience in public speaking.
  • Proven organizational and leadership skills.
  • Proven experience with successfully managing complex budgets.
  • Working knowledge of data analysis and performance metrics.
  • Working knowledge of IT and business infrastructure.
  • Comfortable using MS Office suite.
  • Experience with fundraising would be an advantage.
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Chief Operating Officer FAQ


May I change the job description when I create my posting for a Chief Operating Officer?

Our sample Chief Operating Officer job description is meant to serve as a template for your job posting, and you should edit and customize it as needed.

Read through our sample responsibilities and requirements, then consider what your company needs from an ideal Chief Operating Officer.

Update the responsibilities and requirements to inform potential applicants of the skills and traits that are required or preferred by your company.

What information should I include in a job posting for a COO?

Use our job posting template to start, and then include any additional requirements or duties that are specific to what your company will need from applicants.

Be sure to include other relevant job titles that potential applicants may be searching for, such as Vice President of Operations, Director of Operations, and COO.

Do you have any sample interview questions to ask applicants for a COO position?

We have sample interview questions available that you can use with this COO job description template.

After you have created your job posting for a Chief Operating Officer in your company, read through our list of suggested Chief Operating Officer interview questions.

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