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Communications Director Job Description

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Communications directors manage the company’s public image, acting as a representative to the public. The communications director also works cross-functionally with a number of departments within the company, so excellent communication skills are mandatory.

View the free example Communications Director job description template below.

Communications Director Job Description Template

Our growing company is looking for a communications director who will publicly represent our company and manage our brand. You will work closely with HR to assist in hiring for your department, creative teams to create client and employee material, and executive teams to manage budgets, schedules and goals. Outside of the company, you will develop relationships with members of the media and use these connections to increase brand awareness and media opportunities. You should be highly collaborative with great interpersonal skills, and comfortable with giving interviews and speeches on behalf of our company. You will set the tone of our brand through all media, content, and social media communications.

The successful candidate will have a Masters or PhD in Business, Marketing, Communications, or a related field, with experience in handling both internal and external communications. You will have proven leadership abilities and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. You should be a fast-thinker, able to quickly make decisions and calmly solve problems. An understanding of marketing channels and content creation would be an asset.

Communications Director Responsibilities:

  • Publicly represent the company
  • Manage the company’s reputation and brand
  • Write and deliver press releases
  • Launch marketing campaigns
  • Handle all public communication
  • Oversee all social media interactions
  • Develop strong relationships with members of media
  • Set up interviews between company reps and the media for radio, tv, or internet
  • Recruit, hire, and train PR staff
  • Create content that is optimized for search engines
  • Analyze key messages
  • Oversee all content production
  • Develop internal publications (newsletters, email announcements, special projects)
  • Increase media opportunities
  • Develop branding initiatives that improve business reputation
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Actively seek opportunities to increase brand awareness and company reputation
  • Lead the communications department
  • Mentor key communications personnel
  • Analyze audience segmentation
  • Oversee all media communication
  • Give interviews on behalf of our company
  • Attend meetings on behalf of our company
  • Write speeches
  • Coordinate website updates and maintenance
  • Promote newsworthy topics and stories to position the company as a thought leader

Communications Director Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Law, English, Communications, Information Technology, Journalism, Public Relations, International Relations, Psychology, or any other related field.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Excellent public speaking skills.
  • Proven leadership abilities over a large team.
  • Excellent writing and grammar.
  • Analytical abilities.
  • Familiarity with digital channels and strategies.
  • Proven ability in using social media channels to deliver marketing material.
  • Familiarity with new and emerging technologies related to content delivery.
  • Excellent creative problem solving skills.


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Communications Director FAQ


May I customize your communications director job description template?

Your communications director job description post should reflect the needs of your own company. Update the communications director duties, responsibilities, and requirements to create a job description that suits your company.

How can I update the communications director template to suit my company?

There are a lot of ways you can customize the communications director job description template to better suit your company’s needs. You can elaborate on the communications director job description to include any qualities you would like candidates to possess. You can edit the requirements and add the skills and qualifications you want your communications director to have. You can also add to the list of communications director responsibilities to give applicants more information about what to expect from the position.

What information should be included when posting a communications director job?

As you prepare your communications director job posting, you should think about the skills and traits you would like a successful communications director candidate to have. Consider the responsibilities they will have when working for you. Use our communications director job description template as a starting point for your post, and add the duties, responsibilities, and requirements your company needs from a communications director.

Are there samples of interview questions for communications directors?

We have examples of interview questions for all of our job descriptions.
After writing your communications director job description post, check out our list of interview questions for communications directors.

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