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Construction Project Manager Job Description

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Construction Project Managers are responsible for planning and overseeing a specific project or a wide range of different construction projects from beginning to end.

They balance the budget, keep track of supplies, collaborate with subcontractors, and ensure all regulations are met and permits acquired. Construction Project Managers handle both administrative and hands-on work while managing construction projects.

View the free example Construction Project Manager job description template.

Construction Project Manager Job Description Template

We are seeking an experienced Construction Project Manager to plan and oversee a wide variety of construction projects from beginning to end.

You will be hiring subcontractors and working with engineers and architects as needed, and keeping track of an inventory of equipment and materials.

The Construction Project Manager we are looking for will have previous experience in construction management projects and be knowledgeable of regulations and permits required.

The ideal applicant will be highly organized, with the ability to plan ahead and multitask in order to meet deadlines and keep projects under budget. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us.

Construction Project Manager Job Responsibilities Include

  • Oversee construction projects from beginning to end
  • Manage the budget and estimate costs
  • Determine the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower needed
  • Keep track of inventory, tools and equipment
  • Ensure supplies and equipment are ordered and delivered according to schedule
  • Prepare reports regarding job status
  • Resolve any problems that may arise
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and building codes
  • Evaluate risks
  • Train and mentor construction workers and construction laborers depending on the size of the project
  • Collaborate with subcontractors, engineers, architects and key team members of the project team
  • Negotiate with external vendors on contract agreements
  • Obtain the appropriate permits and licenses from authorities for construction sites
  • Plan construction operations
  • Ensure all deadlines are met
  • Hire contractors and staff including construction laborers
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Allocate and manage resources to ensure that they are available when they are needed throughout the construction projects
  • Keep all stakeholders aware of the progress on projects and prepare progress reports regularly
  • Handle any environmental or local community issues that may come up during a project
  • Conduct site checks to monitor progress and quality standards

Construction Project Manager Job Requirements

  • BSc/BA degree in Architecture, Building Science, Engineering, Construction Management, or another related field
  • PMP or an equivalent certification would be considered an asset
  • Extensive previous work experience managing budgets for construction projects
  • Excellent knowledge of construction materials and equipment
  • Highly organized
  • Previous experience in a leadership role with strong and proven leadership skills
  • Knowledge of MS Office Suite
  • Previous work experience in construction management or another similar role
  • Understanding of construction management processes
  • Able to plan ahead
  • Familiar with construction and project management software programs
  • Excellent knowledge of relevant rules and regulations as well as quality standards and human resources
  • Conflict resolution and conflict management experience
  • Excellent time management ability
  • Able to multitask with a strong understanding of core manager duties
  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal abilities, including negotiation skills
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Construction Project Manager Job Description FAQ


Am I allowed to change the job description?

The job description we have written is meant to be a template for your own job posting. Customize the information in the job description as needed to create a job posting for your ideal Construction Project Manager candidate.

What other job titles could be used in place of Construction Project Manager?

Other possible job titles for a Construction Project Manager could be a Commercial Construction Project Manager, Project Manager, Senior Construction Project Manager, or Construction Manager.

What information should be included in my job posting for a Construction Project Manager?

When you write your Construction Project Manager job posting to post on job boards, consider any additional requirements or responsibilities you will want your ideal Construction Project Manager to have. If there is any special training, knowledge, experience, education, or skills that your company would prefer from your Construction Project Manager, include them in your job posting.

Do you have a list of sample interview questions for Construction Project Managers?

We have a list of sample interview questions for each one of our job descriptions. After you have finished creating your job posting for a Construction Project Manager, have a look at our list of sample interview questions that you can ask your Construction Project Manager applicants.

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