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Corporate Recruiter Job Description

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Corporate recruiters are responsible for identifying and securing new staff for the organisation or company they work for. Corporate recruiters may also be called Talent Acquisition Advisors, Recruiters, Internal Recruiters, HR Specialist and HR Sourcing Specialist amongst many other names.

Essentially a corporate recruiter is a recruiter that works for the actual hiring company or organisation instead of working for a recruitment agency, recruitment company, headhunting company or staffing agency.

The role of a corporate recruiter will vary from company to company, but is a very important position as they are often the first touch-point for new hires and so play an important role in setting the impression for your organisation.

They are responsible for but not limited to creating recruitment materials, templates, job descriptions, job advertisements, sourcing potential candidates, reviewing their resumes, conducting the interview process, and onboarding new hires.

View the free example Corporate Recruiter job description template below.

Corporate Recruiter Job Description Template

Our company is looking to grow, and we need an experienced, motivated recruiter to help us. You will be responsible for designing our recruiting strategy and developing job descriptions and requirements. Working with external staffing agencies, you will post jobs and search for potential recruits that would be a good fit for our team. It will be up to you to review resumes, contact candidates, interview them, and assess their skills.

The ideal candidate will have at least 7 years of prior work experience in recruiting, with a BS or MS in Human Resources Management and experience with HR databases and Applicant Tracking Systems. You should have excellent communication skills, with knowledge of different selection processes and interview types.

Corporate Recruiter Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with external headhunters and staffing agencies
  • Meet with managers to discuss staffing needs
  • Create recruitment materials
  • Post jobs to the appropriate places – job boards, newspapers, community services, employment agencies, and colleges
  • Provide information about our company opportunities and benefits to places that may have potential candidates
  • Maintain a rapport and act as the point of contact for any places we consider a potential place to find recruits
  • Use databases and social media to source and recruit potential candidates
  • Review resumes and analyze them
  • Search job sites for potential recruits
  • Personally contact potential candidates
  • Interview potential staff, using reliable recruiting tools and selection methods
  • Assess potential applicants for their relevant knowledge, experience, training, skills, aptitudes, and soft skills
  • Onboard new staff by introducing them to the company and guiding them through hiring and training
  • Manage new employee relocation, if necessary
  • Design our overall recruiting strategy and implement it
  • Develop job descriptions as well as job specifications, and ensure they are kept updated
  • Perform job analysis and task analysis to create job requirements
  • Provide recruiting reports
  • Build relationships with candidates
  • Monitor job offers and current compensation
  • Recommend any new policies or procedures that may benefit our company

Corporate Recruiter Requirements

  • At least 2 years previous work experience as a Recruiter – can be as an in-house recruiter or a recruiter at a staffing agency
  • BS or MS in Human Resources Management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Comfortable working with others
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Experience with different selection processes, such as reference checks and phone interviews
  • Experience in conducting different types of job interviews, such as structured, stress, or competency-based
  • Familiar with HR databases
  • Familiar with Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Management Systems
  • Experience with recruiting software
  • Experience with Human Resource Information Systems or Human Resource Management Systems
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Corporate Recruiter Job Description FAQ


Am I able to customize the Corporate Recruiter job description?

Our job description template for your Recruiter job posting is meant to be a sample, used as a reference point for you to customize. Edit the template to include any additional information that will apply to the Recruiter position with your company or within your field.

What other job titles could be used in place of Corporate Recruiter?

Other possible job titles for a Recruiter could be a Senior Recruiter, a Human Resources Specialist, or a HR Sourcing Specialist, Talent Acquisition, Internal Recruiter. You could also customize the job title by referring to what industry or field you are in, for example a Technical Recruiter, a Sales Recruiter, or a Healthcare Industry Recruiter.

What information should I include in my job posting for a Corporate Recruiter?

Include any details in your Recruiter job posting that may be unique to the position with your company. If your ideal candidate will require any additional knowledge, training, skills, experience, or specializations, add them to your job posting for a Recruiter.

Do you have any sample interview questions for Corporate Recruiter interviews?

We have sample interview questions for each of our job descriptions. After you have created your job posting for a Recruiter, have a look at our list of sample questions that you can ask Recruiter applicants in an interview.

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