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DevOps Engineer Job Description

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DevOps engineers collaborate with developers and IT personnel, finding errors in systems and preventing new ones from occurring. They perform routine maintenance and assist with test data, automating processes, and ensuring security.

DevOps engineers should have experience with coding, scripts, and automation.

View the free example DevOps Engineer job description template below.

DevOps Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a DevOps engineer who is a team player, able to collaborate well and communicate effectively with our system operators, software developers, and other IT staff members. Our DevOps engineer will be troubleshooting and correcting errors, making recommendations to enhance performance, and automating deployment of security settings. You will be consulted on system options as well.

The successful DevOps engineer candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in computer science, electronics engineering, or a related field. You should have proven experience with tools for source control, team management, and continuous integration. If you have a background in another IT field, it would be considered an asset.

DevOps Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with system operators, software developers, and other IT personnel
  • Implement routine maintenance
  • Provide direct server support
  • Develop interface stubs and simulators
  • Troubleshoot existing information systems
  • Resolve any errors uncovered in our information systems
  • Perform routine application maintenance
  • Translate technical requirements
  • Participate in discussions regarding system options, impact, risk, and cost vs benefits
  • Assist with each stage of test data
  • Recommend ways to enhance performance using gap analysis
  • Build automated deployments
  • Deploy new upgrades and modules
  • Implement an error log system
  • Create secure custom codes (JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, and C)
  • Perform script maintenance and any updates
  • Continue to learn about new technologies and tools that could be implemented to benefit the company
  • Build tools that will reduce the occurrence of errors
  • Automate deployment of security settings
  • Implement reusable components
  • Document knowledge transfer

DevOps Engineer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, engineering, electronics engineering, or a related STEM field; Master’s degree would be considered an asset.
  • A working understanding of code and scripts.
  • Proven success using SQL and MySQL.
  • Background in another IT field such as software development or system administration would be an asset.
  • Excellent multitasking abilities.
  • Experience or familiarity with all or most of the following tools: Git and GitHub, Selenium, Kubernetes, Chef, Nagios, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Ansible
  • Proven problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work well with others and in teams.
  • Experience with team management tools.
  • Proven experience with Linux/Unix Administration.
  • Familiar with Ruby or Python.
  • Experience with configuration management technology to build automated deployments.
  • Knowledge and experience with strategy-building techniques for routine application maintenance tasks.
  • Experience with source control tools.
  • Experience with continuous integration tools.
  • Proven project planning experience.
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DevOps Engineer Job Description FAQ


May I change your DevOps engineer job description template?

When you create a post for a DevOps engineer for your company, only include the information that is relevant to your company’s needs. Edit or add to the DevOps engineer duties, responsibilities, and requirements to create a job description that fits what your company is looking for in a DevOps engineer.

Are there examples of job titles for DevOps Engineers?

You may want to hire a DevOps engineer that has specialized in a certain area or has specific skills. Using a particular job title for your DevOps engineer posting will attract candidates that possess the experience and knowledge you are looking for. Some examples of specialized DevOps engineers are: DevOps evangelist, release manager, automation expert, quality assurance, security engineer, and software developer/tester.

What information should I include when I post a DevOps engineer job?

When you are preparing to post your DevOps engineer job posting, think about the role you want your future DevOps engineer to have in your company. Update our template job description to include any skills and traits you would like your DevOps engineer to have. Use our DevOps engineer job description template as a starting point for your post, and customize it as needed to find a DevOps engineer that suits your needs.

Do you have sample interview questions for DevOps engineers?

We have examples of interview questions for each one of our job descriptions.
After creating a DevOps engineer job description that fits your company needs, check out all of our DevOps engineer interview questions.

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