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HR Director Job Description

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Human Resources (HR) Directors, also called Directors of Human Resources, are responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, handling staffing, training, and employee discipline, managing employee agreements, benefits, relations, development, and job satisfaction, and overseeing HR systems and personnel.

View the free example HR Director job description template below.

HR Director Job Description Template

Our company is looking to hire an HR Director. You will be responsible for overseeing all human resources staff. You will be identifying staffing needs, creating job descriptions, and attracting the best candidates, then hiring employees, negotiating employee agreements, handling training, and managing employee benefits. You should be able to manage budgets, develop compensation plans, and design and implement HR policies and strategies that will optimize company growth.

The ideal candidate for our HR Director position will have excellent interpersonal skills and communication skills, a strong work ethic, and knowledge of labor laws and regulations. The HR Director should be able to motivate and support staff to enhance job satisfaction and strengthen relationships between staff members and employers. A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management or related field is required.

HR Director Responsibilities

  • Oversee HR systems
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and laws
  • Assess staffing needs
  • Design training programs
  • Handle employee relations
  • Manage budgets
  • Hire employees
  • Negotiate employment agreements
  • Develop compensation plans
  • Develop and implement human resource policies
  • Support strategic objectives to optimize the company
  • Design onboarding procedures
  • Manage staff wellness and performance reviews
  • Motivate and support all current staff
  • Handle and de-escalate employee disputes
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Maintain staff records
  • Design and direct employee training programs
  • Handle employee benefits and structure benefit packages
  • Attract the best candidates for open positions
  • Forecast and identify staffing needs
  • Promote the organization’s values
  • Design accountability mechanisms
  • Implement HR strategies that will support business objectives
  • Support employee development
  • Create job descriptions
  • Mitigate risk
  • Maintain employee records
  • Ensure human resources programs and initiatives are effective
  • Strengthen relationships between staff and employers
  • Enhance safety and wellness
  • Deal with employee grievances
  • Align human resources programs to overall business objectives
  • Supervise HR personnel
  • Oversee all employment needs
  • Improve human resources processes
  • Implement strategies that support business growth
  • Improve morale and employee retention
  • Identify and research human resources issues
  • Establish department accountabilities
  • Ensure AA/EEO compliance
  • Counsel and discipline staff
  • Plan, monitor, appraise and review staff job contributions
  • Determine production, productivity, quality, and customer-service strategies
  • Evaluate milestone accomplishments
  • Provide human resources advice, decisions, and counsel
  • Research, develop, write, and update policies, methods, procedures, and guidelines
  • Communicate and enforce organization values
  • Participate in conferences and educational opportunities
  • Read professional publications
  • Maintain personal networks
  • Participate in professional organizations

HR Director Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management or related field
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Superior communication skills
  • Ability to be highly organized
  • Computer literacy
  • High work ethic
  • Knowledge of labor regulations and laws
  • Strong people skills
  • Strategic thinking abilities
  • Experienced in managing a budget
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent understanding of the interviewing process, benefits administration, payroll, and other HR functions
  • 3+ years experience in an HR leadership position
  • 10+ years experience in human resources
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HR Director FAQ


Can I customize the job description for HR Directors to better suit my company?

You can customize our sample HR Director job description as needed. Update the duties, responsibilities, and requirements above to reflect the skills and traits required by your company.

What information should I include when I make a job posting for an HR Director?

Use our template to start your job posting, and add any additional requirements or duties that are specific to what your company will need from an HR Director candidate. Be sure to list the tasks your HR Director will perform, and any required skills, education, or training needed for their duties.

Do you have some sample interview questions to ask an HR Director candidate?

We have sample interview questions for all of our job descriptions.

After you have finished creating a job posting for an HR Director that suits your company, have a look at our list of potential HR Director interview questions.

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