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Marketing Specialist Job Description

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Marketing Specialists are responsible for creating and monitoring marketing campaigns, then analyzing the data to determine the effectiveness of their campaign.

View the free example Marketing Specialist job description template below.

Marketing Specialist Job Description Template

We are looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Specialist to join our marketing team. You will be responsible for conducting market research, brainstorming creative campaigns, and presenting project recommendations to senior management. Working both as a team and independently, you will need to create campaigns for multiple channels. To succeed in this position, you will need to be knowledgeable and experienced in a number of areas, including content development, advertising, analyzing traffic data, and monitoring conversion rates.

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or another related field. You should have at least three years of experience in a similar role. This is a fast-paced work environment, so you need to be highly organized, able to prioritize your tasks, and have a strong attention to detail. You should have excellent communication skills and computer skills, and a solid understanding of marketing elements. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us.

Marketing Specialist Responsibilities

  • Conduct market research to find information about product specifications, demographic data, consumer requirements, consumer habits, pricing schedules, competitor offerings, and market trends
  • Demonstrate expertise in various areas such as content development and optimization, events planning, advertising, etc.
  • Assist in both outbound and inbound marketing activities
  • Brainstorm ideas for creative marketing campaigns and develop them
  • Collaborate with external vendors to conduct promotional events and campaigns
  • Work together with professionals – both marketing and others – to coordinate on brand awareness and marketing efforts
  • Take on individual aspects of a marketing plan, as assigned
  • Assist in analyzing the marketing data from traffic, conversion rates, campaign results, etc. to determine campaign efficiency and provide valuable information for future marketing strategies
  • Closely track marketing stats and results
  • Adjust marketing plans as required based on tracked data results
  • Plan initiatives to reach the target audience and identify the appropriate media channels to deliver the marketing material to the public, including social media, tv, and email.
  • Develop marketing plans for projects based on detailed analysis of data and market forces, including plans for company websites and social platforms
  • Spearhead lead generation efforts
  • Regularly review creative marketing materials to ensure adherence to brand marketing guidelines and a cohesive look to every campaign
  • Communicate project recommendations to the senior management team in order to guide the future activities of the entire department
  • Create detailed reports with any findings and data analysis results to senior management and executives
  • Collaborate with creative teams to design advertising copy, promotional materials, branding ideas, and graphic designs

Marketing Specialist Requirements

  • BSc or BA in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, or another related field
  • Highly organized
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Solid understanding of marketing elements, including traditional and digital marketing methods such as SEO and social media
  • Solid understanding of market research methods
  • 3+ years of previous experience as a Marketing Specialist or a similar role
  • Previous experience using marketing data tools and analytics
  • Excellent computer skills, including MS Office, marketing software such as Adobe Creative Suite and CRM, and applications like Web analytics and Google Adwords.
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, and web development tools such as Dreamweaver
  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Strong presentation skills
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Marketing Specialist Job Description FAQ

Am I able to customize the Marketing Specialist job description?

Our Marketing Specialist job description template is meant to be used as a sample job posting. Edit our sample in any way you need, making sure to add any additional skills, training, knowledge, experience, education, or traits you need will from an ideal Marketing Specialist applicant.

What other job titles could be used in place of Marketing Specialist?

Other possible job titles for a Marketing Specialist could be a Digital Marketing Specialist, a Junior Marketing Specialist, or a Marketing Communications Specialist.

What information should I include in my job posting for a Marketing Specialist?

When you are creating your job posting for a Marketing Specialist, include any additional qualifications or requirements that may be unique to your company. If there are any responsibilities your company will need your Marketing Specialist to handle that are not listed in our template, be sure to include them in your job posting.

Could you share any sample interview questions for Marketing Specialist interviews?

We have sample interview questions for each one of our job descriptions. After you have finished creating your job posting for a Marketing Specialist, have a look at our list of sample questions that you can ask Marketing Specialist applicants in an interview.

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