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Process Engineer Job Description

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Process Engineers are responsible for analyzing business processes in manufacturing and biotech industries. They look for ways to improve efficiency while still maintaining cost and quality standards.

View the free example Process Engineer job description template below.

Process Engineer Job Description Template

We are looking for an experienced Process Engineer to streamline our business processes and come up with creative alternatives that will help us become more efficient. Risk assessment, equipment testing, and documentation will all be part of your duties as Process Engineer. You will be analyzing workflows, processes, and equipment across all departments to find ways to increase efficiency and quality, and help find ways to cut down on expenditures and improve collaboration. You should have previous, proven experience in improving supply chain efficiency.

Our ideal candidate will be highly analytical and an excellent problem solver. We’d like applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree, either in Engineering or a related field. Previous work experience in process engineering, and some knowledge of process-related standards and process engineering software packages. Strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail are essential, as you will be preparing reports for senior management on the data you’ve collected and interpreted.

Process Engineer Responsibilities

  • Research and develop new equipment
  • Carry out regular testing of equipment, evaluating for efficiency and quality
  • Ensure maintenance tasks regarding equipment are performed
  • Complete all necessary documents to ensure and prove compliance with regulations and protocols, both internally and externally
  • Oversee processes and look for ways to ensure efficiency and quality standards are being met
  • Optimize the production line
  • Assist Process Technicians with troubleshooting when there is a problem
  • Collect and interpret data
  • Report on data and present information to senior management
  • Install new equipment
  • Assess the risks associated with the equipment and processes that are being used, including staff safety, safety within the plant, and the environmental impact
  • Develop new processes with the use of simulation software
  • Analyze the work flows within each department in order to determine how the company can improve on collaboration
  • Analyze project designs and expenses to find ways to save on costs
  • Prepare a quarterly report regarding current industry trends
  • Develop an analytical process that can justify business decisions
  • Recommend solutions related to operating equipment
  • Assist in preparing budgets for capital, construction, and operating expenses
  • Evaluate engineering designs
  • Determine the required engineering input on projects
  • Determine the appropriate limits and variables for material specifications

Process Engineer Requirements

  • BS degree in Engineering or a related field
  • Previous work experience in process engineering
  • Knowledge of process-related standards
  • Strong attention to details
  • Familiarity with AutoCAD or CAD
  • Understanding of process engineering software packages
  • Strong technical skills
  • Previous experience in process simulations
  • Understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Analytical
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Previous history in improving the efficiency of supply chains
  • Strong problem solving abilities
  • Ability to work under strict budgets and deadlines

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Process Engineer Job Description FAQ

Am I able to customize the Process Engineer job description?

Our Process Engineer job description template has been created for you to use as a sample job posting. You can edit our sample in any way you need. Be sure to add any additional skills, training, knowledge, education, experience, or traits your company will need from your ideal Process Engineer applicant.

What other job titles could be used in place of Process Engineer?

Other possible job titles for a Process Engineer could be a Senior Process Engineer, or you may choose to focus on the industry of your Process Engineer – for example, Manufacturing Process Engineer or Biotech Industry Process Engineer.

What information should I include in my job posting for a Process Engineer?

When you are creating your own job posting for a Process Engineer, you should include any additional qualifications or requirements that may be unique to your company. If there are any tasks your company will need your Process Engineer to be responsible for that are not listed in our template, be sure to include them in your job posting.

Could you share some sample interview questions for Process Engineer interviews?

We have a list of sample interview questions for each one of our job descriptions. After you have finished creating your job posting for an Process Engineer, have a look at our sample questions that you can ask Process Engineer applicants in an interview.

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