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Program Director Job Description

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Program Directors are responsible for creating programs that fit into the objectives of the company. They establish a budget and a timeline, then monitor the program to find ways to improve performance and avoid setbacks.

View the free example Program Director job description template below.

Program Director Job Description Template

We are looking for a highly organized, analytical Program Director to join our team. You will be responsible for planning our programs from start to finish, making sure to keep the programs on budget and on time, while also staying up-to-date on any necessary regulations. Ensuring our programs run smoothly and reporting any setbacks to management will require someone with an understanding of data analysis and excellent communication skills. In addition, we are looking for someone creative; part of this position involves coming up with innovative ways to improve productivity and creative suggestions on how to market our programs.

Our ideal candidate will have previous managerial experience and a Bachelor’s degree in management, human services, or a similar field. Knowledge of MS Office and program management software is a must. If you also have experience in securing funding for programs or ensuring legal guidelines for programs are met, we’d like to hear from you.

Program Director Responsibilities

  • Set goals for our programs based on the strategic objectives of the company
  • Plan the programs from inception to completion, including deadlines, processes, and milestones
  • Establish a program schedule and a timeline
  • Manage the daily operations that will help support and implement our program objectives
  • Develop or approve all budgets or operations
  • Create an overall annual program budget
  • Monitor each program to ensure that the budget is not being exceeded
  • Come up with evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine where any improvements are needed
  • Set goals for our programs and track the overall performance as well as progress and set-backs
  • Stay up to date on all laws and regulations
  • Ensure that all program activities and operations adhere to internal policies and legal guidelines
  • Supervise all project and program managers involved, providing them with feedback and resolving any complex problems
  • Look for innovative ways to improve efficiency and productivity of people and procedures
  • Read reports to determine issues and progress
  • Ensure our current programs run smoothly
  • Create comprehensive reports and presentations for senior management regarding all active programs each week
  • Maintain all the required paperwork to keep our company’s certifications intact and in good standing
  • Oversee program staff
  • Assess and manage all program risks
  • Develop processes and systems that will drive productivity
  • Suggest marketing initiatives that will help to increase awareness of our programs
  • Seek out creative program ideas that we could implement into our own programs
  • Help secure program funding

Program Director Requirements

  • BSc/BA degree in management, human services, or a similar field; a MSc or MA would be advantageous
  • Previous work experience as a Program Director or another managerial position
  • Knowledge of MS Office suite
  • Experience with program management software such as Basecamp, MS Project, etc
  • Excellent understanding of data analysis, budgeting, and reporting
  • Strong comprehension of performance evaluation techniques
  • Understanding of project and program management techniques and methods
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical
  • Highly organized
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Program Director Job Description FAQ

Am I able to customize the Program Director job description?

This template for a Program Director job description was created to be used as a sample job posting for you. Alter our sample in any way you see fit, making sure to add any additional skills, training, education, knowledge, experience, or soft skills you need will from an ideal Program Director applicant. If there are responsibilities or requirements that are not of high importance to your company, feel free to remove them.

What other job titles could be used in place of Program Director?

Another possible job title for a Program Director could be Master of Programs, Project Director, Program Coordinator, or Director of Programming.

What information should I include in my job posting for a Program Director?

When you are creating your job posting for a Program Director, make sure to include any qualifications or requirements that may be unique to your company. If there are any additional responsibilities your company will need your Program Director to handle that are not already listed in our template, include them in your job posting.

Are there any sample interview questions for Program Director interviews that I could look at?

We have sample interview questions for all of our job descriptions. After you have finished creating your job posting for a Program Director, have a look at our list of sample questions that you can ask Program Director applicants in an interview.

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