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How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

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How Do Recruitment Agencies Work? Recruiting 101 Series on Recruiterly

When you need to recruit more people but don’t have the time or resources to manually vet them, it’s time to call in the pros. In this article we discuss ‘how do recruitment agencies work?’.

Recruitment agencies.

But how do they help you find the perfect fit?

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

When you place a new hire request with recruitment agencies, a few things will happen:

  1. You’ll establish your budget, requirements, and the agency’s fees
  2. The recruiters from the agency will source qualified candidates
  3. The recruitment agency will shortlist and (in some cases) conduct interviews with qualified candidates

In some cases, they’ll also help you select the right candidates as you and your company interview them.

It all depends on the agency. However, the majority prequalify candidates so you don’t have to waddle through hundreds of applications.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Help You Hire the Right People?

On average, corporate jobs attract 250 resumes per position.

Now, that’s a lot of resumes to go through. Chances are, you don’t have the time to do it – even if you work in HR.

Recruitment agencies are the ultimate timesavers. You can focus on more important things as they source and screen candidates.

The second benefit of hiring a recruitment agency is the fact that they have more hiring sources than you and your company.

This way, they can help you find and hire top talent in your industry. And as we all know, top talent is hard to find. A recruitment agency create the perfect announcement that will draw in the right candidates.

They can also coach you about the hiring process to help you make the best decision for the long term success of your company. This goes from vetting resumes to conducting interviews for you, or providing you with feedback that will improve the success of your interviews.

Finally, if you find a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry, they can provide you with experience and expertise.

How to Recognize a Good Recruitment Agency

A good recruitment agency won’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, they’ll make an effort to understand your specific needs.

Types of Services

Different agencies offer different services, but you’ll usually come across one of the following:

  1. Full cycle recruiting – If you want to completely replace your HR department (or if you don’t have one), you can hire a recruitment agency to conduct the entire process for you.
  2. Contingency recruitment – Some agencies get paid only if you hire a candidate, which is a good option for industries where there aren’t many qualified applicants. This way, you’re making sure you’re not losing money.
  3. Ondemand recruitment – In this case, you’ll likely pay the agency per hour or per task. You can adjust their degree of involvement in your recruitment.
  4. Executive research – In this case, you’ll pay a fee up front based on the services you contract from the agency.

All there’s left for you to do is say:

“Yes, we’ve found our candidate!”

The recruitment agency will take care of everything else.  

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