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What Is On-Demand Recruiting?

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What Is On-Demand Recruiting? - Recruiting 101 Series on

When your team is great at recruiting but they need a little external help, there’s nothing like on-demand recruiting to boost your chances of hiring the right person. So what is on-demand recruiting, and how can you use it?

What Is On-Demand Recruiting?

Recruitment agencies offer all kinds of services. Some can replace your HR department, others can search to fill your executive positions…

And then, there are those who are happy to chip in and help out with particular aspects of your full cycle recruiting process.

These are the ones that offer the on-demand recruiting service.

They typically work on a per-project or per-hour basis, so you’re not paying for the services you don’t need.

For example, if you need help sourcing candidates, they can take care of that part of the process for you.

If you need coaching on interviewing techniques, they aim to please.

And if you need them to take over the majority of your recruiting efforts and work in your office, they can cook something up.

How Much Do On-Demand Recruiters Cost?

The main thing about on-demand recruiting is that you pay for the service – not the recruiters.

This means that you can be flexible.

If you need ten recruiters one week and then just one the next, you can adjust the size (and the price) to fit your needs.

When Should You Use On-Demand Recruiting?

In this case, on-demand recruitment is a great option for startups or companies with unpredictable recruiting needs.

If you need to hire ten people one month and then no one the second month, it makes no sense to pay a retainer for ten full-time recruiters.

Additionally, on-demand recruiting can also be used in cases where you want to hire top talent as soon as possible.

Typically, most companies use on-demand recruiting to help them out when they’re short-staffed. They’re an outsourced team that boosts the company’s efforts.

The Main Benefits of On-Demand Recruiting

Candidate experience is everything today.

And since you’re invested in hiring well, you want to provide the best possible experience to the candidate. They may just give your company the competitive advantage to stand out on the market.

Using on-demand recruiting to help your internal team can be a great way of tailoring the experience to fit the candidates.

Even if it just makes you hire faster is good enough for the 87% of talent who said that the hiring experience can change their mind about working at a company.

Using this service can also help you streamline the full cycle process.

You could automate screening or simply outsource it. Searching for candidates could become a piece of cake.

And suddenly, you could find yourself with more time to really think about the talent you want to acquire.

Finally, you and your team(s) can focus on what you’re great at.

When you don’t have to juggle all the tedious tasks that come with hiring and recruitment, you have a lot more time to focus on what only you can do:

Improving your revenue and thoroughly vetting the candidates.

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