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Hiring Update Email – Recruiter To Hiring Manager Template

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Use this hiring update email – recruiter to hiring manager template provide details on the current status of the hiring process and the candidates.

Hiring update emails are often used to keep hiring managers updated on the recruitment process and prepare the hiring manager for any upcoming interviews. Keep the email brief with the most important details. Attach any relevant documents to the email, such as applicant resumes, interview notes, or test results.

Be sure to include an offer for the hiring manager to contact you if they need to discuss any of the candidates or the information you’ve shared.

Hiring Update Email – Recruiter To Hiring Manager Template

Subject line: Current status of [Job Title] position/Update on [Job Title] position

Hi [Hiring Manager’s Name],

Here is an update on the current status of the [Job Title] position:

  • Number of phone screening calls that have been conducted: [Number, eg 8]
  • Number of [Job Title] applicants that have moved on to the assignment phase: [Number, eg 3]
  • Number of phone screening calls that are scheduled for next week: [Number, eg 7]
  • Deadline for applicants to submit the assignment: [Date, e.g. June 4, 2019]

Here is a quick overview of our top qualified candidates so far:

  • [Candidate1 Name]: Has three years of proven work experience in a similar role and a Masters degree in a relevant field.
  • [Candidate2 Name]: Has no relevant job experience but is enthusiastic about the industry, the company, and the position.
  • [Candidate3 Name]: Has some experience in a similar position and is in the process of completing relevant education.

For more in depth information, I’ve attached my notes on each candidate for you. [attach file to email]

Let me know if you need any more information and we can schedule a quick [phone call/meeting] to go over the applicants.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Email signature and contact information]

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