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Internal Candidate Rejection Email Template

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You can use a internal candidate rejection email for any internal applicants that are not chosen to fill the open position. Your internal candidates should not be given the same type of rejection email as external applicants, because you don’t want to risk losing them entirely.

Personalize the rejection email so that your employee feels like their efforts are appreciated and they are not being given a generic form letter. Show the candidate that they are appreciated in their current role, giving specific details of their achievements if possible. Suggest what other opportunities they might have to advance or change positions. If you can give constructive feedback on what they lacked, such as training or experience, it will give the candidate something to work on before applying for a similar role in the future. 

Your internal candidate rejection email should include:

  • A straightforward rejection so the candidate is not confused
  • Constructive feedback on what the candidate could improve upon
  • Appreciation for the work they have put into their current role
  • Thanks for their dedication to the company
  • Other positions the candidate may be interested in, if applicable
  • Encouragement to continue to apply for other open internal positions

Internal Candidate Rejection Email Template

Subject line: Your application for our open [Job Title] position

Hi [Candidate Name]/Dear [Candidate Name],

Thank you for very much for applying for our [Job Title] position.

I’d like to let you know that we have decided to move forward with a different candidate for this position. 

[Consider including constructive feedback, eg. We appreciate all of the hard work you have put into your current position and admire your desire to take on a new challenging role, but at this time we are looking for someone with more managerial experience for our open position]. [If applicable, let the candidate know when you may be accepting applications for more suitable positions, eg. Based on your skills and the experience you have in your role as [Current Job Title], you might want to consider applying for a [Job Title] position when we begin accepting applications on [Date].]

I wish you all the best and thank you again for your application and your dedication to [Company Name]. Please don’t hesitate to apply for any other internal positions that interest you. 


[Your name]

[Email signature]

We hope you find this internal candidate rejection email template useful. We have a complete library of other recruitment templates. These are a great help during every stage of the recruitment process. Let us know if there are any other resources that would be a great for your business.

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