Interview Confirmation Email Template

Interview Confirmation Email Template

Use this interview confirmation email template to confirm the details of your upcoming interview with a job applicant.

After inviting a candidate to an interview, send this interview confirmation with all of the information the candidate should know about the interview. This confirms that the candidate has all of the interview details and serves as a reminder of anything else they need to bring with them to the interview. This can be sent just a few days before the interview date in order to remind candidates of the upcoming interview.

Your interview confirmation email should include:

  • Your company name and the job title of the position they applied for
  • The date and time of the interview
  • The estimated duration of the interview
  • The interview format and topics, eg a group interview or a written test
  • Directions to the office
  • Where to park as a visitor
  • How to get into the building as a visitor
  • Anything the candidate needs to bring, eg a portfolio
  • Contact information for the recruiter in charge

Interview Confirmation Email Template

Subject line: Interview confirmation with [Company Name] for the [Job Title] position

Hi [Candidate Name]/Dear [Candidate Name],

I am emailing to confirm your upcoming interview for the [Job Title] position at [Company Name] on [Date] at [Time]. At this meeting, your interviewer [Interviewer Name] will [have a chance to discuss your skills further/administer a written test/review your assignment]. Please find the details of your interview below:

When: [Date and Time, eg Monday, May 27th, at 2:30pm]. The estimated duration is [give an estimated length of interview].

Where: [Company Name and Full Address; consider including a map or a link to a map].

Interviewer: [Interviewer Name and Job Title]

If you will be driving, you can find parking [give details on visitor parking]. When you arrive, [provide information on how visitors can enter the building, eg head to the front desk and show the receptionist your ID].

If you have any questions about your upcoming interview, please contact me directly by replying to this email or by phoning me at [Phone Number].

Please confirm that you have received this email and will be attending the interview.

We are looking forward to meeting with you.


[Your Name]

[Email signature and contact information]

Interview confirmation email template - Free Recruitment Template Download on Download free sample template as a word document.

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