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Interview No Show Email Template

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Use this interview no show email template to reach out to applicants who missed their confirmed interview without rescheduling so you can find out if they are still interested in the position.

Sometimes applicants fail to show up to their scheduled interview without notifying you beforehand or offering an explanation in a follow up email afterward. There are a few reasons applicants may have missed their interview:

Don’t leave your job candidates wondering if their application was received and seen, or confused about your recruitment process. In your application acknowledgement email, you should aim to include:

  • They may have misunderstood the date or time.
    • Before rejecting applicants who have missed their interview, make sure it wasn’t due to a miscommunication about the date or time the interview was scheduled to take place. If you were emailing back and forth in order to set up the interview, the applicant may have expected the interview to take place on a different day, at a different time, or in the case of remote workers, in a different time zone. If this is the case, the interview could be rescheduled.
  • They may have had an emergency come up that prevented them from notifying you about the change of schedule.
    • Personal emergencies do happen. The candidate may have had something urgent happen that prevented them from attending the interview or informing you of their absence. Afterward, the applicant may be embarrassed to contact you about it or may assume that you have moved on to another candidate. Reaching out allows them to give their explanation and consider rescheduling the interview.
  • They may have moved on to another job offer.
    • If the interview is scheduled far in advance the applicant may have already received and accepted another job offer. Also, if you have had to cancel and reschedule the interview multiple times the applicant may have decided it’s not worth the time. In this situation you would be able to end the relationship on a good note.

Interview No Show Email Template

Subject line: Interview for [Job Title] position at [Company Name]

Dear [Candidate Name]/Hi [Candidate Name]

Our [interview/phone conversation/video call] was scheduled for today at [time, eg 2pm] but I didn’t hear from you. I hope you are well.

At your earliest convenience could you please let me know if you are still interested in the [Job Title] position? If you are, we can reschedule the interview. If not, I can delete your application.

Thanks again for your interest in working at [Company Name].


[Your name]

[Email signature and contact information]

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