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Thank You Email After Interview Template

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Use this thank you email after an interview with a candidate to review the details of the interview and keep them interested while your team decides on the best applicant for the position.

A thank you email is a polite way to let the applicant know that you appreciate them taking the time to meet with you. Sometimes a short note will do. In other cases, a longer email that details the unique qualifications of the candidate as well as the status of the hiring process can provide the candidate with enough information that they wait to hear from you and feel as though their time and skills have been appreciated.

Thank You Email After Interview Template

Subject line: Thank you for your interest in the [Job Title] position

Hi [Candidate Name]/Dear [Candidate Name],

Thank you very much for coming in to meet with our hiring team on [Date and Time of the interview, eg Thursday May 16th at 10am]. We were very pleased to speak with you in person and get to know you a little better. Our team was especially impressed with your [mention a specific quality that makes the candidate stand out, eg 17 years of operating your own IT company]. We feel that this could be very beneficial to the [Company Name] team if you are selected for the position.

[Discuss the hiring process in more detail to let the candidate know what the next step is and when they can expect to hear from you next, eg At this time we have a few more scheduled interviews with other applicants which we will be conducting during the rest of this week. Starting next week our hiring team will be reviewing resumes, applications, and interview notes in order to select one candidate as the new [Job Title] at [Company Name]. If you are selected, you will be contacted by email with the job offer. If we choose to hire a different candidate, we will notify you via email.]

Thank you again for your interest in the [Job Title] position with us, and for meeting with us to discuss your qualifications.


[Your Name]

[Email signature]

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