Super-quick video library to help you get started with Recruiterly

Master your Recruiterly profile with these quick video guides.

Update your profile

Make your profile easier to find on Recruitelry.com and search engines.  Get up and running in seconds after watching this 3 minute video. 

The more information in your profile, the easier it will be for candidates and clients to find and connect with you.

Improve your expertise analytics

Your expertise analytics give candidates and clients a snapshot of your specific expertise, which helps you to clearly articulate to the broader audiences your profile helps you reach. 

We utilize your expertise as one data-point when matching clients and candidates to you. 

Publishing content to your profile

Never waste your content again.  Recruiterly profiles provide you with a free content repository.  Keep all of your content in one place, and use our social scheduler to maximize your reach. 

In this video, learn how to quickly publish content to your public profile or your private company community.

Setup the Social Media Scheduler

Recruiterly provides you with a completely free social media scheduler.  Increase your followers, reputation and brand by automating your social media channels. 

Setting up your scheduler takes seconds and you only need to do it once to start automating your personal recruiter brand building.

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